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World Hearing Voices Day: A few of Audrey’s favourite things…

To celebrate World Hearing Voice’s Day, I asked each of my voices whether or not they’d like to write a post themed around ‘a few of my favourite things’. I didn’t stipulate how they should interpret this as I wanted the post to be in their own voice.

I’m aware that allowing my people to write their own posts will be confronting to many, but World Hearing Voices Day is about celebrating hearing voices as part of the diversity of human experience, and including my people is how I’ve chosen to start some conversations today, so feel free to ask myself (or Audrey) any questions in the comments field below.

Note: The reason this post is a couple of days late of World Hearing Voice’s Day is because, after writing it, Audrey was not entirely happy with how it turned out so requested it not be published. Since then, she has been feeling guilty that she is the only one of my primary voices who didn’t share something so asked for it to be published regardless.

A few of my favourite things…in Lego!

by Audrey


As you can probably tell from this post, one of my favourite things is Lego. So much so that I tried to theme this post around this most wonderful of creations.

As for some of my other favourite things, first and foremost there is Lego Batman, which regular readers of this blog are already aware of.

My second greatest passion after this most swoon-worthy of superheroes is books; reading them, holding them, smelling them, doing everything I possibly can to them. And not those annoying eBooks, but proper made from paper, sweat and tears books!

I’ll be honest, the picture I chose to illustrate this particular passion isn’t quite what I’d wanted. Although I have nothing against this children’s book, my love lies elsewhere, namely in the realms of historical and contemporary literature, but this was the only example of a book constructed out of Lego that I could find, so bear in mind that it is illustrative of my love of books rather than very hungry caterpillars!

For the record, in case anyone is interested, some of my favourite books are: Far from the Madding Crowd, The Broom of the System, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Tree of Man, David Peace’s Red Riding Quartet and Dante‘s Inferno (which is illustrated in the slide show at the bottom of this post).

Moving away from books and Lego Batman (just so you’re aware, a book about Lego Batman would be the kissquite possibly the most magnificent thing in creation!) my heart lies in art.

I cherish the work of the Renaissance and Impressionist painters but care not a jot for what many people call ‘contemporary art’. I also have an appreciation for Aboriginal art, including painting and sand-painting images in this style myself.

In fact, adorning a wall in Andrew’s lounge room is a mighty platypus that I painted a few short months ago.

The remainder of my favourite things are quite common and altogether rather tame compared to my companion’s posts. However much I appreciate the female form, I wouldn’t dream of posting such images as Shay did and however much I enjoy berating Andrew from time to time, I wouldn’t upset him by rubbing it in the faces of those he writes for. No, if you set aside art, books, and Lego Batman, my soul sings whenever I am outdoors; walking along the banks of a river, watching birds swoop through the sky or simply basking in the sunshine in the middle of a flower covered meadow.

Alas, there are few meadows nearby, so I’ve had to make do with regular trips to a public park that has a quite inspiring lake, populated by some quite evil little ducks. Birds that definitely make the list of my favourite things!

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