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Movie Monday: Where are all the female superheroes?



Captain America…Thor…The Incredible Hulk…Batman…Green Arrow…Iron Man…Spider-Man…Green Lantern…Ghost Rider…Green Hornet…Superman…so many superheros, so many testicles…yet so very few women!

Regardless of how much I enjoy superhero movies, the number of men with bulging biceps and throaty voices rushing around to save the world is seriously starting to annoy me. It seems that every month we have yet another superhero willing to put their penis on the line to prove, once and for all, that only men are capable of being the ‘hero’. That women, with the occasional bit-playing exception (Black Widow, Catwoman) are merely objects to be saved (and ultimately bedded) by the superior male gender.

What utter insulting, annoying, sexist crap!

With the influx of superhero movies over the last several years, I think it’s about time female superheroes started to get a better piece of the action. So for today’s Movie Monday, I present six female superheroes I’d like to see headline their own movie (and prove once and for all that women can – and do – save the world!)

Hawkgirl She-Ra Spider-Girl Squirrel Girl SupergirlTank Girl

Are you sick of the invasion of male superheroes and think it’s about time we had some kick-ass women saving the world?
If so, who would you like to see on-screen. If not, what exactly do you have against female superheroes?

4 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Where are all the female superheroes?

  1. I taught a lesson on gender in comic books over the summer! It was fun!


    • That’s a class I would love to have been a part of. I don’t get the chance to read comic books as I once did but gender representation in all forms of media is something I’ve long had an interest in. For my media studies A-level I wrote an epic essay on the representation of women in ‘Doctor Who’; IMHO, one of the finest essays I ever wrote! :)

      The way females are represented in superhero movies really annoys me, even the way Scarlet Johansson was marketed in the Avengers posters (with the cliched ‘backside to camera, gazing over shoulder’ sexual pose) grated against the way the male heroes were portrayed in their posters.


      • It is very irritating!!! My class was with kids ages 8-12 and I was very pleased to see how easily they picked up on it, especially the girls! They don’t understand the term gender neutral very well but at least they tried!

        This essay sounds amazing! I’ve written similar essays and they have always been frustratingly fun!


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