All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…


Saturday 9: You are home

Saturday 9 is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Crazy Sam Winters (she added the crazy, not me!)

Every Saturday there will be nine questions – sometimes they will be around a common theme, other times completely random – to be answered however we like.


1) Sam is crazy for The Lion King. Do you have a favorite Disney movie?

I used to have a soft spot for the Disney made ‘natural history’ documentaries (such as White Wilderness), but then I discovered they staged footage of a mass-suicide of lemmings by launching them off a cliff from a turntable, so have no intention of ever watching or supporting these films again.

As far as more acceptable Disney film’s go, my favourite has long been Beauty and the Beast (the insidious abuse/Stockholm Syndrome metaphors aside) but I do have a soft spot for The Great Mouse Detective, Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio and The Sword in the Stone. The best recent Disney movie is Tangled; a magnificent fairytale retelling with a much more interesting heroine than usual and the magnificent Zach Levi on voice duties.

As for Disney’s short films, The Practical Pig is quite wonderful.

2) The song tells us that Hakuna Matata “means no worries.” Is something worrying you right now?

Hmmmmm, let me think?

  • The fact I risk having my gas and electricity cut off because of a balls up with Centrelink.
  • My current mental and emotional exhaustion risks becoming something much worse.
  • Will I ever kiss a woman again?
  • That the area I live in will become drought ridden considering it’s rained for approximately 15 minutes in 2013.
  • It’s possible I’ve forgotten how to write.
  • Will I ever feel human touch again?
  • That my voices are planning something nasty considering I haven’t heard from any of them in nearly six days.
  • That the world is about to end courtesy of the machinations of a megolomaniac giraffe.

I’ll leave it there…but basically, I worry about many things, every minute of the day.

It’s exhausting! :/

3) Who is the most optimistic person you know?

Optimism is overrated. In fact, I can’t think of anyone I would describe as an optimist.

As for me, many people often (mistakenly) see me as pessimist, when in reality I am a realist.

4) Elton John wrote “Hakuna Matata” but didn’t record it. Name a song Sir Elton is famous for singing.

Tiny Dancer, as used to perfection in one of the most perfect movies of all time. I dare you not to sing along! ;)

5) Can you play the piano?

Not any more.

6) Congratulations! You just won a guided African Safari Tour! 8 days in Zambia and Botswana for you and a friend. All expenses paid, and allowing you access to breathtaking, unforgettable sights. It takes at least 30 hours to get there, and before you go you’ll need yellow fever and hepatitis vaccinations and medication to prevent malaria. Are you up for it?

An all expenses paid tip to Zambia and Botswana? I would absolutely be up for that.

7) There’s been a mistake. You really won a 4-night Disney Bahamas Cruise for two. Are you relieved or disappointed that you’ll be partying with a guy in a Simba suit on the Lido Deck instead of observing a real lion in the wild?

Disappointed doesn’t even come close. I can’t think of anything more boring that being trapped on a cruise ship.

8) Let’s bring this back to real life — do you have any vacation plans?

I think I’ve slowly come to the accept that – not matter how much I want one – I will never have a vacation again.

Ah well.

9) Describe your luggage. Is it durable and high quality? Or are you like Crazy Sam, who has been known to use an Old Navy shopping bag as her carry-on?

I have a backpack that quite comfortably fits my worldly possessions and makes me look like a turtle! :)


Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! :)