All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

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[NSFW] Butt is it Art or Porn III: The Spanking Art Edition

Today’s prompt in the 30 Day Self Harm Awareness Challenge asks
What is something that makes you the most happy?


This post isn’t going to be for everyone. Some of you may look upon it and think oooo, I’m getting all sorts of fuzzy warm feelings inside, whilst others will look upon it and think that’s absolutely disgusting, I’m going to write a strongly worded letter to this deviant! But that’s kinda the point. It’s meant to be divisive. It’s meant to create debate.

Now I’ll be honest. I didn’t actually write this post. This post is a collaboration between two of my voices, Meadhbh and Shay, but the topic, the content of this post, makes me blissfully happy. That’s why they wrote it. Whilst lost to the flashback and nightmare earlier this week, Meadhbh and Shay took it upon themselves to create something that would make me happy, something that would fill me with the aforementioned fuzzy warm feelings. They didn’t post it straight away because they didn’t want to upset me, they didn’t want to put something out there if I wasn’t comfortable with it being in the public domain, but after careful consideration, and after seeing the prompt for today’s installment of the 30 Day Self Harm Awareness Challenge, I’ve decided to post it and see what happens.

So I will now hand you over to Meadhbh and Shay, who have put together a collection of artwork that depicts a most heartwarming bottomwarming of activities, to ask the question butt is it art or porn?

Under normal circumstances I would password protect this post. However, Meadhbh is not a fan of password protection, so we have reached a compromise. I will post it without a password under the proviso that this warning is inserted: family members of Addy, I politely request that you read no further! Thank you! :)

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Thursday Thirteen: Butt is it art or porn?

Sometimes, whether you suffer from mental health problems or not, you need to take a step back and allow yourself time to enjoy your passions.

Whether it’s running bare foot through dew soaked meadows, battling Ganandorf in Twilight Princess, curling up on your sofa with a loin warming work of fiction or sucking down berry flavoured gelati – whatever you love…just do it now!

One of my passions, as mentioned before, is the human posterior. Given I don’t currently have a woman in my life, I’m unable to indulge in my passion for buttock massages so I have to make do with this rather random, somewhat unexpected, Thursday Thirteen post.

Below the fold (given the NSFW content; unless you have an employer that doesn’t mind you looking at artistic nude photographs :p) I present to you thirteen photographs collected around the theme of the human posterior and pose the question: is it art or pornography?

Personally, I consider each and every one of them superb pieces of art, but you may disagree.

Why not take a wee peek and find out?

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