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Imaginary Menagerie: A New Blog


Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that my voices have taken over this blog. Almost every other post has, in some way, related to my journey with hearing voices. Although I am not apologizing for this – as understanding and building a better relationship with my voices is an integral feature on my road to recovery – it’s become apparent that I (and they) have a lot to share on this topic.

As such, Audrey suggested beginning a sister blog that focuses purely on my people and my relationships with them. A place where I can talk about them without worrying whether or not I’m boring, upsetting, annoying or generally pissing off my regular audience. After I mulled over the idea for a while I realised it was actually rather a good one and set about setting it up.

One of the biggest problems since beginning the HVSG and blogging about my people is the uneasiness with which they’ve approached the whole venture. Although Meadhbh has come around and Audrey is well on the way to doing so, Vanessa and Shay are staunchly opposed to anything to do with sharing their existence with the world. However, in the process of discussing the new blog, Vanessa did ease her opposition a little when she asked if she could write the occasional blog post. This, in turn, set both Meadhbh and Audrey asking the same thing.

So, in addition to my new blog being about my journey with my voices, it will also be a place where my voices can speak freely if/when they choose to.

After many hours of heated debate over themes and blog titles (Vanessa threw a fit when Audrey and Meadhbh vetoed her suggestion of calling it “The Misses of Addylon”) we finally reached an agreement on everything and the blog is now live. At present it contains only reposts of posts that have already been featured on this blog (such as my HVSG posts and the Victim to Victor series) but over the coming weeks all hearing voices related posts will be posted on Imaginary Menagerie instead of on this blog.

So, feel free to pay Imaginary Menagerie: My Journey with Hearing Voices a visit, you’re most welcome! :)

Note: The three avatars depicted in the Imaginary Menagerie header (above) are visual representations of (from left to right) Vanessa, Audrey and Meadhbh. They were designed, with my help, by the women themselves. Hence why Meadhbh has a whip, for she feels she might need one to keep any unruly readers in line!