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ABC Wednesday: M is for Making Out (Mounties and Magnificent Hair)

ABC Wednesday is all about having fun. It is all about the visitors and everyday life around our world. This week is all about the letter M…which, given I recently rediscovered this photo from my past, stands for Making Out (Mounties and Magnificent hair!)

The story behind this photograph is simple.

Whilst visiting Victoria, I happened upon this rather magnificent looking Mountie whilst roaming the fair city. Overpowered by my love for classic television series Due South (and a small Mountie Uniform fetish) I couldn’t resist the opportunity to lock lips with this smouldering object of hotness for a humourous photograph that I’d one day look back on with jealously over the sheer magnificence of my hair back then.

Seriously, forget the fact I’m kissing an RCMP official, look at the hair! I would kill to have hair that awesome again! Thick, luscious, full of vibrant colour. Why did I never investigate ‘shampoo commercial modelling’ as a viable career opportunity?

The sad thing is, in spite of that awesome hair, in spite of being surrounded by beautiful women for three months, this illicit kiss was the only one I received during my three-month jaunt across Canada.

But what a kiss :D

And if you haven’t already worked it out, yes, it’s a mannequin. Otherwise I would probably have been thrown in jail for molesting an officer of the law :p