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My trip to Melbourne Zoo

Before going to Melbourne, I made a deal with each of my voices that if they behaved themselves during the Hearing Voices Congress I would allow them to choose an activity that they would like to do. I also asked them to write a post about their chosen activity to share with you. What follows is Meadhbh’s account of our trip to Melbourne Zoo, in her own words! :)

Before we went to Melbourne Andrew and I made a deal. He promised that if I behaved myself during the Hearing Voices Congress I could choose one thing that I wanted to do more than anything in Melbourne and we would do it. I chose to go to the zoo so I could see all the cute, fluffy, beautiful animals. Needless to say I was on my bestest of the bestiest behaviour throughout the congress so that he would take me to the zoo after he was finished with all the boring stuff.

It was such a beautiful place, lots of lovely sunshine, green trees and more animals than I could poke a stick at. Which I would never do, because why would anyone want to poke such beautiful, fluffy animals with a horrible nasty stick?

I got a bit cranky with Andrew on the way to the zoo because he got lost and I thought he was doing it on purpose to stop me seeing the animals, but he wasn’t doing it on purpose, he just got lost, so I laughed at him. But soon enough we got to the zoo and I made him take me to the Australian animals first because I wanted to see the wombats. The first animal we saw was a sleepy koala bear sleeping at the top of the tree. He was gorgeous and I wanted to give him lots of hugs, but we weren’t allowed to touch the animals so I wasn’t able to.

After the koala we went to the wombats, careful to avoid the emus. I don’t like emus very much because they look really scary and frighten me. I love wombats though but they weren’t playing in their pen because it was hot and they were sleepy. We found them sleeping in their tunnels looking so adorable stretched out on their backs with their bellies begging to be rubbed. But we didn’t rub the wombat’s bellies because there was glass in the way.

We then went to the butterfly house where hundreds upon thousands upon millions of butterflies were flitting and flying around all over the place. One butterfly even landed on Andrew’s head which made me laugh because he got all freaked out. I really loved the butterfly house and all the gorgeous butterflies that were in there and didn’t want to leave because it was so relaxing to be in there but there were many animals left to see and I wanted to see them all.

There was an otter chasing his tail, there was a giraffe being fed by its keeper, there were dozens of cute liddle turtles swimming in a pond and majestic pelicans desperate to nibble on some fish. The lions were awesome and I roared like Aslan trying to get their attention but they didn’t hear me and Andrew refused to roar because it would draw unwanted attention to him, which made me a little annoyed but I understood.

We weren’t able to see the Gorillas and Seals because they weren’t on show that day, but we did see Giant Tortoises, cutest of the cute meerkats and a pygmy hippopotamus sleeping in the sun. We also saw zebras, elephants and lots of creepy crawlies, reptiles and scary looking snakes.

The last animal we saw was the Platypus, which was the bestest thing we saw in the zoo. He was merrily swimming around in his tank being all awesome, beautiful and hypnotizing. I loved the platypus so much that I want Andrew to get one as a pet.

Whilst we were at the zoo Andrew let me take photographs of some of my favourite animals which I’m sharing with you all below, I hope you like the photographs and find the animals as beautiful and awesome as I do. If you’re ever in Melbourne you should visit Melbourne Zoo because it’s a wonderful, happy place that will make you feel all warm inside! :)

~ All images © Addy (and Meadhbh) ~