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Fun and Games: Jigsaw Puzzles – Woohoo!

One of the primary methods of coping with mental health and/or emotional distress is to distract your mind from the problem(s) at hand. Although we all have unique ways to distract ourselves (some people venture into the garden, others spend time with a certain 900 year old Time Lord) some methods of distraction are universal.

One of the most common distraction techniques are puzzles and quizzes. Whether it’s sitting down with a tough Sudoku or wiling away the hours with a jigsaw puzzle, spending time enjoying these activities is not only emotionally productive but can prove beneficial to both mood and memory.

This week, we’re going to have a little bit of fun (whilst honing this particular coping skill) with a variety of puzzles, quizzes and games.

Enjoy! :)


#3: Jigsaw Puzzles

Back in the day I used to spend hours putting together jigsaw puzzles. Once completed, I glued them together, mounted them, framed them and displayed them on my wall. Not only was this cheaper than artwork (a bonus for someone living in poverty) but whenever I gazed upon the image I remembered the wonderful time I’d spent putting it together.

Piecing together a jigsaw puzzle can be an incredibly meditative and relaxing experience, hence why I’m sharing four puzzles (of varying difficulty levels!) for you to play around with! :)

Why not give them a go?

Inverness Sunet...Difficulty: EASY (24 Pieces) [Image © Addy]

Difficulty: EASY (24 Pieces) [Image © Addy]

Melbourne Street Art...Difficulty: MODERATE (48 pieces) [Image © Addy]

Difficulty: MODERATE (48 pieces) [Image © Addy]

Red Centre...Difficulty: HARD (96 pieces) [Image © Addy]

Difficulty: HARD (96 pieces) [Image © Addy]

Glencoe...Difficulty: PULL YOUR HAIR OUT!! (300 pieces) [Image © Addy]

Difficulty: EXPERT (300 pieces) [Image © Addy]