All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Excalibur (A Short Story)


~ Author’s Note ~

This story was written around the months of April/May 2010 whilst I was sleeping rough in Melbourne.

During that somewhat brutal and bleak period of my life, I would often retreat into the world of erotica/consensual-spanking fiction in order to escape the chaos and pain that reigned in my life. The story was originally published on a now defunct blog I used to write under a pseudonym and is now published here because, well, to be honest, I kinda like it! :)

It is entirely a work of fiction – so all characters and events portrayed within are either ficticious or used ficticiuosly. It contains sexual content as well as numerous spanking activity between two consenting adults, so if you find any of this content disturbing or upsetting, you are free to read no further.



~ Part I ~

My eyes were fixed on Rebecca as she jumped up from the bed; her ankle length ochre skirt spinning in the air before daintily floating back to her thighs. I knew from watching her dress in a post orgasmic haze she was wearing a pair of white cotton undies decorated with dozens of colourful speckled dots. She’d slipped them on deliberately slowly, teasing them up over her orbs of flesh and adjusting them with a soft SNAP of elastic on delicious buttock. As she moved to the drawer I imagined those dots close against her skin, hugging close to her luxurious curves. She spun her head, her cheeky grin brimming with excitement. “Close your eyes,”

I didn’t want to. I wanted to keep watching her; so full of life and energy. The way her emerald green eyes blazed with passion as she soaked in the world. The way her toes curled downwards when possessed with excitement. I wanted to revel in her breasts, bouncing loose and free with each movement above her freckled belly, before gorging on her birthmark, a tiny owl shaped anomaly below her left shoulder, on the smooth of her back. “Stop perving! Start closing!”

I reluctantly closed my eyes tight. “I wasn’t perving,”


“I was admiring,”

“Not much to admire. Bit o’fat, hair freckles and blobs,”

Three of those freckles formed a perfect equilateral triangle just below her left knee. I also adored the tiny speck she wore below her right ear. A few soft stray pubic hairs were making their way to her belly button, a must see tourist destination for so-over-that-vagina follicles. Her ‘blobs’ totalled two, I’d checked everywhere. One below her left armpit and the other three-quarters of the way down her back. As for fat, I’d spanked her good and hard for that three weeks ago. Not because she was, but because she kept saying it. To me, she was all ravishing curves leading to a spectacular round posterior that absorbed my spanks with to-die-for bounces, ripples and jiggles. There was another freckle pattern there too, a huddle of dots which formed an omega symbol.

I heard a few soft thumps as they hit the carpet; socks. She was in her underwear drawer, changing her knickers? A low scratch of wood put pay to that theory. There was a soft thunk as the drawer closed and then the soft pad of her feet on the carpet, followed moments later by the squeaking of bed springs. “Don’t open your eyes. Hold out your hands,”

Her fingers tickled as she ran them lightly across my palm. I could smell the berry shampoo in her hair and then swooned as her soft lips kissed mine. Her tongue tickled my gums as she nuzzled my upper lip. As she pulled them away, my head followed eager for more. They returned, kissing my lower lip wetly, then my upper, then locking our mouths together with subdued groans of wanton desire. When she pulled back a second time I realised she’d slipped something into my hands. It was heavy, smooth, one end wider than the other. As I ran my fingers over it I could feel the delicate grain of wood, interrupted near the point where the decrease in length began. The interruption was less grainy. Finding the source of the anomaly I traced its pattern, a clear “B” being formed, followed by a “u”…

“Buzzy?” It had been her nickname at college.

“Mmmmhmmm,” She murmured. “Do you know what it is, eh?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” I mimicked.

Although I’d never seen one in real life, I’d devoured enough photos, videos and stories to know. I was too excited to even open my eyes, one hand gripping the thin handle firmly as I let the other drop to her knee. Holding the object higher its weight crept up on me, but it felt good all the same. For a flash I was Arthur holding Excalibur aloft. Lowering it back to my knees I opened my eyes slowly. Bec was sitting cross legged in front of me, her bottom lip bitten nervously, her eyes wide and ignited with joy.

Looking down I saw the dark foot long paddle held in my hand. The colouring of the varnish faded on one side, several rivers of grain flowed from tip to tail, circling past dark oceanic knots. The interruption I’d felt was a lick of red pain, Buzzy clearly written in her handwriting. Beneath it four dates in faded black marker. It was one of the most beautiful objects I’d ever seen, and as I looked back at Bec her smile was wider.

“You look so happy. I thought it would make you happy,”

“You think? I’ve wanted to see one of these for years,”

“I know. I wanted to grant you a wish for making me feel so wonderful all the time. You make me laugh, make me smile…make me cry! You’re always there for me, eh? You’re always your beautiful self, Aly,”

She leaned in and kissed me again, crawling up the bed. She moved the paddle so she could slide onto my lap, wrapping her legs round my waist and her arms my shoulders. As we kissed I supported her bottom with my hand, caressing her soft dress, feeling the line of her underwear across one cheek. I could feel her warmth between her legs as she leaned her forehead against mine, rubbing my nose.

“Thank you,”

“Don’t you want to know what wish I’m granting?”

“Showing me the paddle?”

“Nope, well, kindof. I Becky! Queen of all the naughtiest faeries hereby grant noble Alasdair the Magnificent…” She kissed my lips quickly with every few words. “…dinner at Constantinopizza, a beautiful moonlit walk…and…when we get home…the naughty queen Becky…will present her fat bottom…”

I slapped her butt sharply and she giggled, kissing me harder.

“…will present her wondrous bottom…to receive the noble Alasdair the Magnificent’s paddle of ouchiness,”

“She will?”

“Mmmmhmmm, she will grant him eight strokes unless she utters the magic word marshmallow,”


“Is it a good wish?”

I responded with my lips and her body melted into mine. Her breasts squashing against my chest as we toppled back onto the bed. She freed my erection with deft speed and as she pumped it slowly I tossed her a condom. I was still holding the paddle in one hand, lowering it gently to the bed as I felt her take me deep inside her. Her body moving in a quickening pace, her head leaning back on her shoulders which pushed her breasts outwards. My hand grabbed them, squeezing one solid nipple causing a squeak of pained pleasure. Our eyes locked together, lost in each other.

“It’ll hurt won’t it?”

“Hope so!” She grinned. “Since when did you care about hurting me? You love it! The way my butt bounces and wiggles, all my little yelps. Aiiiee! Ahha! Oowii! Hmmmaai!

“You love it to. I feel how wet and squirmy you get,”

“Might cry tonight,”

“You cry most times,”

“Liar! But I’m talking real oowwwwwwahhhhhhhshittttt pain tears tonight. Those dates, I got paddled at college by Jayne, cried every time, even on jeans,”


“I’ll change my mind!”

“Not even on the bare?”


I grabbed her hips and threw her onto her back, plunging deeper inside her and thrusting harder and faster. She gasped a sequence of shrill moans as my hands ran over her breasts. Her left was slightly bigger than her right whilst her right nipple was off centre. I pinched it playfully causing a deep groan as my fingers tweaked it harder and harder.

“Jesus! Mmmmm! Fuck I love you! No! Not! Once. Once on a skirt, three times on jeans. Fuck! Al! Keep doing that!”

So I did, and she loved it. “Play or punishment?”

“Thhhreeeeee play…one punishohforfuck…yes…oh…fuck…meennnttt was six reaalllyyy hard ones for…for…shit I was bruised for DAYS. Jesus! I. Love. You!”

“Describe the pain,”

“Like a…ohhhhh…sooooo…” Her words became an increasing moan as I plunged my teeth into her neck, finding her soft spot between her legs with my hand. I speeded my thrusts harder and harder as her hands thrashed in the air, slapping into my butt and squeezing tight, her thighs clamping around my waist as she climaxed with explosive force. Slapping my butt playfully as her mind hit the highs and started coming down. “…swarm of bees…all…stinging my ass at the…did you?”


“What can I do?”

“Keep going,”

She reached around and smacked my butt hard, loving the jerk my body made so much she cracked it again, squeezing my buttock hard. I ploughed harder and harder.

“It was like that…only times a million!”

“A million?”

“Yummmuhhh. When I peeled down my jeans to check myself out afterwards I was stunned how red my bottom was, how stinging and sore and hot. So hot! Sizzling! I just rubbed my bottom remembering those explosive deafening whacks. Ow! WHACK! Ohhhhhhh, my poor naughty bottom,” As soon as she cracked my arse again accompanied with another playfully egaggerated WHACK! I flooded inside her, arching backwards as I plunged deeper, our bodies toppling together as she ran her hands with a sighing smile all over my back and butt. I kissed her wetly.

Whack!” She giggled. “Thinking about it, maybe we could just do dinner,”

“Nope, when we get home, I’m taking my wish,”

“Shit,” She smirked.

~ Part II ~

We were walking slowly along the sidewalk beneath a clear sky; a crescent moon smiling down on us amid an orchestra of twinkly stars. Her soft hair was brushing against my shoulder, her hand wound tightly around my waist. Our steps were synchronised, our pace one. I held her around her back, my hand tucked under the waist band of her skirt, under her dotted underwear and pressing against the cool flesh of her buttock. With each step I could feel the motion of her muscle, shifting the mound I held in my fingers with delicate precision. It moved and changed against my skin. One moment it was relaxed and pliable, the next tight and firm, over and over. My mind lost in this simple detail.

One of the most beautiful things with Rebecca was that she understood silence. She knew that times such as this didn’t need muzak, stupid questions to fill the void or simple minded small talk. Sometimes the simple pleasures were all we needed. The warmth generated from our touching bodies. The movement of her gluteus muscles as she walked. The occasional squeeze to let me know she was still there. We had the music of the stars and the symphony of the air to score our walk this evening. There would be a different orchestration soon enough; replacing the lilting airs with thunderbolt explosions and angelic gasps, sighs and squeaks.

I’d noticed early on in our spanking sessions that Bec was a squealer not a screamer. Some girls I’d spanked had been silent throughout, proving their strength by refusing to acknowledge their pain. Some had been screamers; hollering and howling, as was their wish. The sounds Bec made though were the greatest. High pitched eeks and aicks, low pitched huuuss and eeeeasss. Not once had she screamed owwwws or ouchies or other such admissions of pain. It was almost as if she’d created her own language of bat like signals to shield herself from admitting how much it actually hurt. My favourite was always when I was building to a crescendo, spanking harder and faster, listening to her sounds merge into one; eekeekaicheekaichaichhuussseeeassssaickhusseekaicks. Her spanking noises were yet another reason why I knew I’d fallen in love with her.

“How are you feeling?”


“We could just…”

“Stop! No. I want you to, really, truly, everything. Okay. Besides, marshmallow if things get too much, eh?”

‘Marshmallow’ was our safe-word, a memory of our time camping. If she said that during a spanking for whatever reason, I would stop. No questions asked. In the half dozen spankings I’d given her she was yet to use it.

“Did you want to role play?”

“Not tonight. I wanna be me. I want you to be you. No scolding, no lecturing, just us both enjoying whatever happens. That okay? Or did…”


She grinned, squeezing me close. “I don’t mean just pat me though, let rip if you want to, I know you’ve wanted to play with a paddle for years…don’t tell me you don’t want to just…WHACK!”

“Maybe once,”

“Now’s your chance, I trust you,”

“What about you?”

“Paddled before remember, meh! As long as you love me and give me lots of cuddles after I’ll be wonderful, although…”


“About what I said, about being bare, maybe if you…”

“Leave it to me,”

“Not all of them, just, god I’m nuts!”

We didn’t get straight to it when we got home. Bec ran immediately to the toilet whilst I poured a couple of drams of whisky. I sat on the steps overlooking the garden, watching the dragonfly silhouettes buzzing happily around. I smoked a cigarette slowly, the smoke drifting upwards. When Bec came out she slipped onto my lap, her butt pressing against my groin, intentionally wiggling down. A spark of stings erupted on my thigh as she slapped it hard.

“One of these days I’m gonna put that butt of yours over my knee and wallop it so hard mister!”

“I’m trying to quit,”

“I know, I’m teasing, you don’t smoke as much as you used to, plus, nervous, you know, excited, talk a bit too much when I get like that.” She grabbed the whisky, burning her throat pleasantly. “What are you thinking? As if I need to ask,”

“I’m thinking I want to take photos,”

“Of me?”

“Of what’s gonna happen, we ain’t done that and if it’s not anything but play,”

“Mmmmmm,” She smiled.

“And I was thinking of warming you up with a nice hand spanking first, get you all pink and ready,”

“Mmmmmmmm, can you take photos of that as well?”

~ Part III ~

As my hand smacked she was giggling, not squealing. With her legs draped either side of one of my legs, dangling into the air over side, her genitalia dry humped hard with each flurry of slaps. I could feel her wetness building with smack. Every few moments I slid my hand between her legs, caressing her clit and labia, teasing my fingers into her wanting vagina before pulling them out and cascading harder smacks onto the bare flesh at the base of her underwear. She’d wriggle frantically from side to side, eeking and aicking with glee before moaning and gasping as I teased her more. I plunged three fingers deep inside her, caressing the rough nobbled surface as I spanked with the other hand. Her huuuss and eeeeasss creating a rousing medley as her hand drummed on the mattress for percussion. Once again I pulled out, delivering twelve hard spanks to her tender sit spots before massaging and caressing her cheeks. She hated the teasing, hated being denied her orgasm, hated being made to wait for anything. She continued stimulating herself as I massaged, both cheeks glowing a healthy pink hue; nice and warm.

“Stop it,”


I smacked my hand hard onto the pink flesh causing a high pitched eeeeekkkkkk as a giggle of joy escaped my lips. The white handprint I’d left faded into the pink. She rolled her head, slowing her gyrations.


She rose quickly, seizing the opportunity to rub her tender glowing bottom. As she did I snatched the camera from its tripod, moving away from the video camera we’d set up after several more whiskys. Checking the settings I gave her a quick slap which sent her jumping before telling her I wanted a handprint photo. She hopped on the spot, her breasts bouncing free under her top and quickly bent herself over, wiggling her target. After setting the camera I set it on the tripod and clutched the release cable in one hand.

“You’ll have to stay as still as you can,”

“Yeah, like that’s gonna happen,”

The SMACK exploded round the room and she squealed her head into the duvet. I fired off three quick photos of a shining print.

“Get it?” She panted.

“Once more,”

“Aiieeeee!” She laughed.

I shook my spanking hand, freeing the muscles, winding my shoulder round. She watched over her head, trying not to laugh as she knuckled down into position, sticking her curved butt out further.

“That really fucking stinged! Eeeekkk! This is gonna be harder, isn’t it, eh?”

“Yep. Hardest. Slap. Ever.”

She buried her head into the duvet as I wound my arm back, biting down into the material. My hand slammed into her butt, flattening it like jelly. Her flesh pushed up around my hand and through the triangular gaps between my fingers. As I pulled it away I watched her flesh pop back into place and a crisp handprint blazed up. I held her down as I quickly fired off several photos before dropping the release cable and rubbing her bottom gleefully. I parted her legs, teasing her again through her soft juices and toying with her clit. I wanted her bad, but not yet, just a little tease before we really got started.

I caressed up her thighs as she straightened, pulling her warm butt against my groin and rubbing it comfortingly. I nibbled her neck, sliding my hands under her top, over the thin film of sweat and grabbed her nipples, squeezing her soft breasts in each hand. I nibbled her ear lobe next, turning her to face me, her eyes lost in a deep sea of bliss, her lips quivering a smile. I whispered into her ear as I bit her neck lobe again.

“Do you still want to…?”

“Aly, I’m yours, completely, look at me, right now, you could do whatever you fucking wanted,”

“Could I do this?”

I bit harder into the soft flesh of her shoulder, her body squirming tight against my body, feet pounding the floor as I squeezed her warm buttocks at the same time. I released and kissed her; hard and dangerous.

“Or this?”

I grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it willingly off her body, tossing it to the floor. Her breasts stood at attention, her nipples like pebbles. I kissed them, biting my teeth lightly as I slapped her bottom. I felt her hand plunge between her legs, pulling it out with a sharper smack.

“No. Naughty. Only I’m allowed to go there tonight,” I kissed her again; her teeth not letting my lips go. “It’s time for your paddling,”


“You ok?”

“Ohhh, gggoooodddd!”

“I can st…”

She pulled me into a kiss, grabbing my hand and slapping it hard against her breast. I felt it shudder under the force, she squeezed it hard.

“Don’t. You. Dare. This isn’t what I’d planned but…fuck me Aly…right now I want nothing else but for you to keep doing what you’re doing. Stop. Being. So. Nice.”

I clamped my thumb and forefinger around her nipple and pinched her. She squirmed on her feet, biting her teeth into my shoulder to muffle her squeal. My free hand dived between her legs, drowning in her as I felt every touch send lightning bolts of excitement through her body. My lips pecked up to her ear and I blew softly, the warmth of my breath covering her with goosebumps.

“Place your hands on the end of the bed, bend over, and stick that ass of yours out high,” Rebecca staggered a few steps toward me as I pulled away. Her hand rubbed her belly, itching to descend. “For a girl about to receive a paddling that would not be a wise more. Now. Stand with your legs apart and bend over. I want to see that luscious pink bottom of yours ready to feel the paddle. A few licks should subdue that naughty mind of yours a little,”

“Do you have any idea how you make me feel when you’re like this?”


“Un-der-sate-ment,” She shook on the spot, gasping with frustration at how badly she wanted me inside her.


She pouted before turning to face the bed. Her bottom glowed. I grabbed the camera and took a few photos of her perfectly round bottom. She slowly stepped her feet apart. I refocused the image on the curve of her right buttock – CLICK – then slowly moved to see her face. She saw the camera and smiled.

“We are gonna airbrush these, eh?”

The metal bed post rattled as I tapped it sternly. With great slowness and without ever taking her eyes off mine she bent over. She kept her legs straight, bending from the hips, every millisecond her buttocks tightening slightly. I snapped several photos as she bent over; her strong legs, her pert hanging breasts, her cheeky smile, her bottom protruding vulnerably in the air before me. I scratched my fingernail over her flimsy underwear and down along the curve of her sit spot. As soon as I slipped under her knickers and nudged her wet lips she stretched her bottom out as she bid to receive as much as she could. She shook furiously as I denied her again; her breasts flapping, buttocks bouncing.

The same feeling of righteousness swelled inside me as I closed my hands around my Excalibur. Its weight thrilled me, everything about it excited me. When I laid it gently onto her waiting body she tensed, the whiteness in her knuckles flaring up as her grip tightened. I felt the heavy wood bounce off her buttocks as I tapped it gently against her flesh. Every time I moved it away her cheeks clenched and relaxed in anticipation.

“How do you feel?”

“Uhhhh, everything,” She laughed. “Jayne would have finished by now – bloody tease!”

I patted her bottom gently, her voice squealing in frustration before being silenced with a heavy POP and a deep groan. The paddle bounced light off her rear leaving a faint pink splodge. She giggled.

“Mmmmm, wish you’d been in my college, hurt even more through thick denim jeans,”

Instantly, upon hearing her sarcasm, I lifted the paddle and WHACKED it hard against her cheeks. The explosion which filled the room launched Bec off her feet; her body scissoring in the air until she straightened fully and clasped her butt. There was no squeal, no grunt, just a curt “Shit!” as she hopped up and down on the spot. I strolled around her, admiring her jiggle and bounce before ordering her back into position; a demand she obeyed with slowly.

On the next stroke I focussed on the impact. As the paddle bit, it squashed her bottom. Her flesh flattened as the paddle WHACKED across her reddened orbs before popping back into place; leaving behind a deep rectangular imprint. Bec rotated her hips from left to right, shaking off the pain. I walked slowly to her, placing my palm on the bare flesh.

“It’s nice and hot,”

“It’s bloody sore!”


I took hold of her underwear and slowly peeled them off her buttocks. Bec’s moans were protestable but she said nothing as her undies dropped to her ankles. I rubbed the paddle against her skin; her reaction even worse than before. I giggled as I watched her wiggle, stomp her feet, move in and out, around, clench. Whatever she could do, she did.

“I’ve never seen your butt so scared. It’s taken on a whole panicked mind of its own! So cute,” I smirked.

“Cute, eh?”

“Hell yeah,”

“I hate you so much,”

I tapped the paddle again and she buried a little more into the mattress, preparing herself. I raised it into the air and swung it down, aborting at the last moment. As it had swung I watched her whole body tense in preparation and then when the explosion didn’t happen, shaking the whole bed with a gurgling growl. Without warning WHACK WHACK I cracked the paddle twice in rapid succession on her bare cheeks.

Her bottom flattened on the first blow and as it bounced back into place the paddle thwacked harder for the second. Her flesh seemed to splat like dropped paint; ripples and waves firing away in all directions. Just as it flared red. Just as she squealed louder than ever before. Just as she started to rise. I WHACKED again, this time catching the rising curve of her bottom sending the flesh upwards before watching it drop down, everything swelling red.

As she was straightening anyway the third blow only caused her to hop completely off the ground, her hands immediately grabbing her cheeks as she bounced up and down in little circles. Tears trickled quietly down her face. As she spun her nipples toward me I saw the redness from my pinching and the several bit marks on her neck and shoulder. Her body spun around again, her hands shaking in the air as she jumped her back to me; her bottom bouncing up and down. It was even redder than it had been a few moments ago, a couple of bruises forming on each cheek. She sobbed loudly, breathing deeply. I walked up behind her, one hand again aiming for the wet space between her legs, the other squeezing her breast. I kissed her back as she shook and trembled from my touch – from everything. As I caressed I walked her forwards, I could feel my erection pressed hard into her blazing bottom as I began bending her back over.

She hesitated, pulling up and down a few times before pushing her bottom tentatively back into position, half pulling it toward the bed in fear, half laughing, half crying or all of either. I watched every muscle of her body tremble as she shook her head. Her squeals and gasps and low pitched grunts sunk into the bed. She erupted with goosebumps as my hand tickled up the backs of her knees, over her red hot butt, lower back and then skipping down to her juice soaked inner thighs.

Without warning I POPPED the paddle against her butt, much lighter than the last few but still causing enough for her to feel it. I kept tapping the heavy wood against her buttocks.

“Last one sweetie, you’re doing so well,”

I WHACKED the paddle hard onto the base of her bottom watching the flesh splatter a final time. She fought to remain in position as she dispensed with squeals and cried aloud. Her feet pushing onto tip toes, lifting her butt high and displaying everything in between. I listened to her breaths deep and heavy as I soothed the swollen mounds with the wood.

Walking around to where she was slumped over the bed I brushed her damp hair from her face, lifting her head to see tear stained cheeks and flushed pink eyes. I kissed her lips gently, the salt on them tangy. I brushed the tears from her face and kissed her cheeks too, smiling. I walked back around her. For the umpteenth time I teased her tender clitoris, played with her still wet lips and plunged three fingers deep inside her. For moments I played with her, every muscle in her being aching for release, I slipped my fingers out leaving her gasping.

Strolling away I observed her trembling bottom, the glistening inner thighs, soaked sex, sweat glazed body. It was crumbling out of position. I silently freed my erection, unrolling a condom.

As my hand SLAPPED her back to attention, I peppered her cheeks with light swats that sent her butt dancing and bobbing. I grabbed her hips and plunged myself deep inside her. Gasps and shrieks of sudden pleasure burst into the mix.

Using her hips for leverage I thrusted deeper and deeper, pulling her fire laced bottom against my flesh with loud slaps. She was only moments away, everything in her squealing and moaning and gasping and quivering until she erupted with a high pitched scream. She flung her head into the air, thumping the floor with each foot, screaming and shrieking. I continued to thrust hard as her vagina muscles tightened around me, her body tensing as she squealed for what felt like an eternity before crying out pretty much every swear word under the sun.

I felt her stumbling forward, her upper torso collapsing onto the bed where she grabbed the duvet, pulling it over her mouth to muffle the wails. I slapped her burning butt playfully, thrusting harder and harder. She flung her head back again as everything started trembling a second time. She grabbed my hand, closing her fingers over it until her knuckles were white and she was screaming a volley of squeals and swears.

Again her muscles tightened around me, my erection still deep inside her, everything wet, sticky and smelling sweet. I smacked her again as she squeezed my hand even tighter, biting hard into the duvet as every millimetre of her body trembled from any touch, her strength gone. I exploded inside her, several deep thrusts followed before my body flooded with endorphins.

I pulled out, the condom saturated as I let it fall to the carpet. She tugged my hand and I stumbled dizzily to collapse beside her. Her head rolled to gaze at me with a blank, dazed expression. Her smile was pure bliss, an ecstasy beyond anything I’d seen on her lips. We smacked them together, sloppy, noisy, wet kisses which made us laugh as we both took deep breaths, trying to let our minds settle. We kept our hands together as we lay there, our eyes locked, our brains swimming through empty seas.

~ Part IV ~

Her small bathroom was filled with the sweet aroma of apples. Four giant green stick candles burned on each corner of the bath creating flickering shadows and dancing moths. The water was cool, the lavender bubble bath mixing with the apple to create a not so unlikeable concoction. We were both squeezed in, Bec lying face down on top of me – her swollen cheeks popping out above the waterline. We’d said little since we’d collapsed onto the bed, both lost in our heads as we slipped into some random dreamscape.

“Is it ugly?” She whispered softly, referring to her bruised bottom.

“Not a chance,”

“Feels so huge! And so sore, eh?”

“It’ll be bruised for a while,”

“They’re not ugly,”

“Not a chance. They’re beautiful, a work of art,”

“Fat ugly art,”

“Do you want me to spank you again,”

“You wouldn’t dare,”

I pulled my arm from the water and hovered it over her throbbing cheeks. She felt droplets of cool water trickle onto it and plunged it underwater with a gasp. She rolled to the side, protecting it with the cracked side of the tub.

“Ok, ok, ok,” She stammered. “You can put that hand away,”

“It really is beautiful Bec,”

“How beautiful?”

“Are you fishing for compliments? Not like you,”

“I’m a little overwhelmed and disbliefy, yeah, full on night,”

“Your bottom, whether it be pale and white, red and purple, is the sexiest damn bottom on the planet! Your smile, your eyes, your freckles, your blobs. Your nipples, mis-sized uneven breasts, legs, clothes, hair – and by that I mean your vacationing pubes as well. It’s all gorgeous, you’re all gorgeous, you make me feel so amazing Bec that sometimes I wonder why you’re even with me.“ I drew her back up on top of me, kissing her lips with tenderness as I embraced her close. “Bec, I don’t think I do, I know I do. I love you,”

“You’re just…”

“I Love You, Rebecca Hemming,”

She stared into my eyes as I said the words for a second time, a small trickle of a tear dropped quickly down her cheek and splished into the still water.

“You’re not lying?”

“I meant every word,”

With a slurp of water and a splash of bubbles she pressed herself close and curled into my body. My hand came to rest gently on her roasted bottom. She snuggled in, refusing to let go.

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  1. A truly beautiful story. Thank you very much.


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