All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

My dream diary…

Back in my journalling days I kept a regular account of every dream I had.

Over the years there were scary dreams, happy dreams, depressing dreams, sexy dreams, confusing dreams, weird dreams, Twin Peaks dreams and kinky dreams. In fact, some of the best times I had when re-reading my journals came from revisiting the utter randomness of my sub-conscious sleeping mind.

As I no longer keep journals, I will be using this page to record each of the dreams I am gifted/plagued with. It may not be updated all that regularly (it’s completely dependent on when I actually dream) but over time it will be interesting to see if any patterns form within my dreaming mind. I am also hoping that recording each dream I have may enlighten me to triggers I was unaware of or coping mechanisms that I’ve yet to try.

Or at least, that’s the plan :)


~New dreams will be added to the top as/when they occur~

~ 22 March 2013

walrusThe dream began with me building an igloo in the middle of a frozen lake. I spent several hours (dream time) carving huge chunks of snow and ice into bricks in order to create the most legendary igloo in the history of the universe; three floors, balcony, heated swimming pool and an old school photographic dark room.

After completing this work of architectural magnificence, I was enjoying a mug of bovril in the lounge room when a gigantic walrus burst through the ice beneath me and demolised my new ‘home’. Speaking in the voice of Spike Milligan, he asked me if I would help him remove a chunk of ice that was digging into his paw.

Slightly annoyed, I pulled the shard of ice from his flesh. In thanks, he asked if there was anything he could do to help me.

After telling him he could help rebuild my home that he had so thoughtlessly destroyed he laughed maniacally and swam off into the distance.


  • I hate bovril!
  • I haven’t thought about (let alone seen) walruses for several years.
  • Who the hell builds a heated swimming pool into an igloo?
  • Why was there no cute ‘n’ sexy eskimo present?
  • Spike Milligan makes a somewhat amusing walrus! :p

~ 14 February 2013

dream2_ninjamonkeys Given that ‘old friends’ often make guest appearances in my dreams, it didn’t surprise me at all that one of them popped up last night. It did surprise me that throughout the course of the dream I ended up hacking off (through slapstick comedy accidents) three of her fingers and her left leg (from just above the knee) because such disturbing mutilation has never happened in my dreams before; at least not to other people, for I did once dream I was decapitated by a sword wielding Spider-Man. If there is any ‘violent’ content in my dreams it usually comes in the form of being whacked with random implements (see below), having objects hurled at my genitalia or on two occasions being knocked down by a speeding giant wombat.

Anyway, these incidents came midway through a dream that had begun relatively innocuously.

I was staying with family in the centre of Sydney. Feeling rather unwell I decided to head to a local doctor in order to get myself checked out, but instead of seeing the GP I was roped into buying several boxes of chocolate chip cookies by an NGO who spent their evenings providing food for the homeless. I was told that this was a prerequisite for medical treatment at this clinic.

So I ended up roaming Sydney on a quest to find the perfect Chocolate Chip cookies. It was during this quest that my old friend showed up and – after telling me her bicycle had been stolen by another bicycle – she joined me on my quest. Several establishments later we still hadn’t found the perfect cookie so we decided over a glass of milk that the only option we had was to go into business together. Purchasing a disused factory we renovated, redecorated and began production on the perfect cookie. I’d love to say that this montage was scored by some cheesy piece of 80s music, but it was wasn’t. Damn you subconscious!

Anyway, for some reason I don’t know we were set upon by a bunch of ninja monkeys and it was here – during a scuffle in the cookie dough – that I hacked off her left leg and ended up carting her to the hospital with her over the handlebars of my bike. It was during this ride that her fingers were lopped off after becoming caught in the chains of the bike.

She was none too happy about all this mutilation but tried to focus her efforts on the cookies. Brave woman that she is!

Alas, I cannot tell you whether we successfully baked the perfect cookie (or whether I ended up getting medical treatment) as I woke up before these strands were resolved.


  • Why does this particular friend keep appearing in my dreams?
  • Who trained the ninja monkeys, because I want one!
  • Why was my subconscious baking milk chocolate chip cookies when I far prefer white chocolate chip cookies?
  • Is there any significance to the fingers and leg incidents? If so, what exactly? Am I going to lose three of my fingers in the near future? Is she?
  • How did we get a business up and running in one hour? That seems a little unrealistic if you ask me.

~12 February 2013


It’s kindof annoying that the first dream I’m recording in this Dream Diary is somewhat embarrassing in nature.

Personally, I blame the folks over at Sunday Stealing. Without their question about what cartoons I used to watch when I was a child, I would never have answered Tom and Jerry. If I hadn’t answered this I would never have linked to one of this duo’s more memorable classics and thus would never have had this cartoon in my subconscious.

Thus, it’s not my fault I dreamt I was hanging from a Hill’s Hoist being scolded and spanked by three rather annoyed people (who shall remain nameless) wielding carpet beaters. Apparently they were annoyed by my slackness when it comes to emailing so decided I needed ‘motivation’.

Alas, all this achieved was forcing me to go on a solitary walk (sulk?) through a dense forest – where I was being hunted by an unseen animal that sounded like a cross between a budgerigar and a hippopotamus.


  • Perhaps I need to make more of an effort when it comes to emails.
  • Is there such an animal that sounds like a cross between those quite different animals?
  • Why don’t they make cartoons like that anymore?
  • What the hell was my subconscious thinking?

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