All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

An unusually productive day



An image Meadhbh and I found on the interwebs this morning; we loved it! :)

After seven straight days of tinned spaghetti on toast for dinner, I’ve shaken up the routine and opted for potato bake with sausages this evening. Now that vitally important piece of information has been imparted I can move on to sharing the activities of my rather innocuous day.

After yesterday’s painter invasion, my morning began after a dreamless night at my usual 9am. Within minutes of being up the routine was enacted; talk radio and internet until midday. But rather than meander around aimlessly, I decided to use my internet time for some good this morning. I discovered – and followed – a couple of new blogs (you can check them out here and here) and decided the time has come for some blog promotion. For the last eighteen months or so I haven’t done much in the way of promoting my blog. I don’t share my posts on Twitter or Facebook. I don’t Pinterest or Tumble. And my blog stats have been suffering as a result. I have a few stalwart commentators (and I love you all!) but outside of them I rarely, if ever, receive comments or likes on my posts; and I want to change that. So I’ve decided to start promoting my blog on three fronts:

1. I’m going to start Tweeting again. I used to enjoy Twitter when I was homeless as it gave me connections with other homeless people around the world, which in turn made me feel less isolated and remote. But after gaining my unit in 2012, I lost love for Twitter and let my account grow stale and unloved. But if the platform made me feel less isolated when I was homeless, maybe it can make me feel less isolated now. Plus I might make a few new Twitter friends, which would be nice. I haven’t Tweeted anything yet, but intend to re-embark on my Twitter quest in the next day or so. So feel free to follow me for random tweets of a mental health, homeless and random kinky bizarreness origin.

2. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to challenge my fear of commenting on other people’s blogs. For the last several years, ever since rejoining the blogosphere in 2012, I’ve had a serious issue with commenting on other people’s blogs. A lot of this is as a result of the abusive relationship I was in, when my (lovely) abuser would punish me for sharing my opinions. She would scream at me like a banshee if I shared something she didn’t agree with. She would hurl glasses of water over my head in public venues if my thoughts were not the same as hers. And it created issues. Issues that have manifested in an inability to comment or share my opinion. But if I would like people to comment on my blogs, I have to be willing to comment on theirs. I’ve commented a few times over the last few days on blogs I feel are wonderful, unique and beautiful, and fully intend to comment more regularly from this point in time on. So expect some patented Addyness on your blogs in the near future! :p

3. I’ve set up a Facebook page for my blog and you can like it here, should you so desire. On it I will be sharing links to my various blog posts, random articles on mental health, homelessness and advocacy, updates on my life and the occasional inspiring photograph or quote. It should be quite fun, and a pleasant way to spend your Facebook time, so please (don’t make me beg!) at least think about liking it! :)

If any of you with more successful blogs than mine (which is pretty much everyone!) have any ideas or secrets in regards to blog promotion, please consider sharing them with my good self as I’m determined to grow my audience in the coming months. I think my content is unique, well written and (occasionally) entertaining; I just need to get other people to realise this!

After this unusually productive morning, I decided to continue shaking up my routine by shaving (I hate shaving, but hate being mistaken for a hipster with a beard more!) and doing a brief interlude of some yoga moves I picked up from classes several years ago. It was rather nice being all bendy again, so may consider adding this to my routine on a regular basis. Following these out of character endeavors, I continued my usual routine by walking down the road. But unlike the usual walk-down-the-road of my routine, I actually had something to do today; the second appointment with my new psychologist.

It went rather well. I was a little anxious heading into the appointment, given I’ve only met her once before, but she was able to settle my mood relatively quickly. She’s a lovely woman, kind, caring and able to listen well. When I’m speaking to her, she genuinely looks like she is taking in what I’m saying, instead of letting the words skim over her mind. She seems to have a solid understanding of my issues (PTSD, Bipolar and Social Anxiety) and understands the latter more than any other professional I’ve met.

Today we talked about my routine, the fact it’s become a safety net and my desire to shake up the monotony. We talked about the safety I feel at the library, and brainstormed ideas of how I can feel safer in locations other than the palace of all knowledge. We discussed my goals of being able to go to the cinema again and my desire to join a local book club in an effort to meet new people. Both goals are on the back-burner at the moment, as the initial plan is not to upset my routine so much it overwhelms me, but with her help I think both goals will be achievable in the future.

She is a knowledgeable, intelligent and insightful woman and I’m looking forward to working with her. I think she will bring a lot to my life and could well be the addition to my treatment strategy that I’ve been looking for. She’s certainly, on the strength of just two appointments, impressed me more than my old psychologist did across several months! I have another appointment with her in six weeks (the earliest I was able to book) and am already looking forward to it.

Because of this appointment I didn’t have time to watch a movie upon my return home, so this was another shake up to my routine today. Instead I went ‘live’ with my Facebook page (which, just in case you missed the link earlier, you can like here) and settled in to read some blogs before preparing dinner. The potato bake is cooking as I speak and once this post is completed, I will begin cooking the sausages that will accompany it. And it should go without saying that, for the first time in several days, I’m actually looking forward to dinner tonight. It should be scrumptious!

Wishing you all a wonderful day. Hopefully it has been as productive, routine challenging and (dare I say it) down-right enjoyable, as my own.


3 thoughts on “An unusually productive day

  1. THAT is a busy day!!


  2. Lovely to hear :)


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