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31 Days of Bipolar: Day 21. Manic depression vs bipolar affective disorder


Day 21: Are you content with it being called bipolar affective disorder, or would you rather revert to manic depression, or rename it completely? Why?


Personally, I’ve never understood why manic depression was renamed to be bipolar affective disorder. Manic depression is a far better description of the illness than bipolar will ever be. Firstly, you have your mania, and secondly, you have your depression; the two major episodes of bipolar covered with the name of the illness. But you also have your manic depression, which covers everything that happens when you’re between the poles; all the chaos and mayhem that occurs when you’re not manic or depressed, but lost somewhere in between.

And what is wrong with calling an illness after what the illness actually does? Bipolar sounds too clinical, too scientific, manic depression is much softer, more relevant. In fact, I relate to manic depression more than I ever have bipolar, and to me personally, this is what the illness will always be called.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Bipolar: Day 21. Manic depression vs bipolar affective disorder

  1. Manic depression makes much more sense to me as one who fortunately does not have the disorder or disease. I believe I understand somewhat what those two words mean even though as not being a suffer I cannot know the intensity.


    • I would be willing to bet manic depression makes more sense to pretty much everyone, so why they changed it to bipolar affective disorder I’ll never know. Personally, I blame the psychiatrists! ;)


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