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I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

The ’31 Days of Bipolar’ Challenge


Whilst perusing the vast array of mental health blogs that populate the internet this afternoon (keep up the good work, everyone!) I came across a blog called Blahpolar Diaries. I’d never come across the blog before but was soon enthralled by its honesty, intelligence and style. Upon this blog I discovered a new blogging challenge that I had never seen before: the 31 Days of Bipolar challenge.

Given that I have bipolar, given that I have vowed to blog about mental health and its impact on my life wherever possible, and given that I am finding it difficult to find the inspiration to blog at this particular juncture of my life (thanks depression, you annoying bastard!) I have decided to take on the challenge.

The rules, as outlined on Blahpolar Diaries, are simple:

1. Do whatever you like, or don’t.
2. Do it over 31 days or any other number of days, or not at all.
3. Answer as briefly or fulsomely as you wish.
4. Do the hokey pokey. Because that’s what it’s all about. (Or not.)

So why not join me on what will no doubt be a mighty entertaining and enlightening journey!

The 31 Days of Bipolar Challenge

1. What flavour of bipolar are you? What does your diagnosis mean to you?
2. What is your baseline mood/state? How does that impact your life?
3. How old were you at the onset? How old were you at diagnosis? How were you given the diagnosis and are you satisfied with the way it was handled?
4. How do you feel about people who diagnose themselves online and then treat themselves for bipolar?
5. What treatment, therapy etc do you do?
6. What do you wish you’d known when you were diagnosed?
7. What are the worst things someone can say to somebody who is bipolar?
8. What do you dislike most about the disorder?
9. Are there any benefits to bipolar for you?
10. Do you tell people you’re bipolar? Why/why not?
11. What resources do you recommend and why? (Books, documentaries, websites etc … anything at all.)
12. Who was/is your favourite doctor (any kind) and why?
13. Who was your least favourite doctor and why?
14. What would you say to your younger self if you could?
15. What would you ask your future self if you could?
16. If you could plan the best possible treatment strategy for your bipolar self, what would it look like?
17. If bipolar was a real thing or being, what would it look, sound and behave like?
18. If big pharma was actually listening, what would you say about bipolar meds?
19. What don’t people without bipolar understand about people with it?
20. Do you consider yourself creative? How do you express that? What piece of work (or whatever is applicable) are you most proud of?
21. Are you content with it being called bipolar affective disorder, or would you rather revert to manic depression, or rename it completely? Why?
22. Side effects … what meds gave you the worst one/s, how did/do you treat it/them, and do you still get any side effects now?
23. Why do you blog about bipolar?
24. How much of your life has been stable/euthymic, depressed and hypo/manic?
25. What state are you in right now, when did it start and what are your goals and hopes about it?
26. How do you see your future beyond the state you are in currently?
27. What do you see as the most important thing in your treatment regime, and why?
28. To what extent do you tell people that you’re bipolar, and why?
29. Of all the famous people (dead and alive) who are allegedly bipolar, who would you pick as your favourite, and why?
30. What meds are you on now? Have you found your ‘magic cocktail’?
31. Have you attempted suicide? What, when, why, how and what did you learn?

2 thoughts on “The ’31 Days of Bipolar’ Challenge

  1. Kind words – thanks very much indeed.


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