All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Thirteen questions I think about…a lot


1. Why are people so eager to forget that men can also be victims of abuse?

Statistically more women are abused than men. That much is beyond question. But does that mean we should just forget about all the men who are living in violent relationships? All the men who are living in fear of their partner’s violent outbursts, be they physical or psychological? If you were to believe the mainstream media, we should absolutely be forgetting these people, these human beings, because I have never in my life read an article, opinion piece or commentary in the mainstream media about female on male domestic violence. I am not a MRE, but I believe this is wrong. Just wrong.

2. What happened to the Beaumont Children?

On the 26 January 1966, three children disappeared whilst visiting Glenelg Beach in South Australia. They were never seen or heard from again. Forty-nine years later no-one has any idea (beyond random theory and hypothetical) what happened to these children…and it is something that has bugged me for a very long time. In fact, inventing a time machine in order to travel back to that day has been on my bucket list for ten years!

3. Why is cheese so deliciously addictive?

Seriously, it’s like crack cocaine for dairy lovers!


Why is cheese so deliciously addictive?

4. Why do shops insist on using price stickers that refuse to come off?

Oh lordy, does this annoy me! There’s a shop in my town that sells second-hand DVDs and their price stickers seem to be welded onto the case as it’s impossible to remove them. I want to look at the beautiful cover art, not a massive piece of white paper with a garish bar code on it!

5. Why do so many people still believe mental illness doesn’t exist? 

This isn’t rocket science, people! We can have illnesses of every single body part you can think of. Heart disease, pancreatitis, lung cancer, stubbed toe…to name but a few. So why is it so hard to understand there can also be an illness within the brain? Morons.

6. Why is chocolate eaten at Easter?

Well, why do we? Why not donuts or celery or chicken or mangoes or jam? Who decided it should be chocolate? Other than the chocolate manufacturers, that is.


Why is chocolate eaten at Easter?

7. Is Grosse Pointe Blank the greatest film in John Cusack‘s body of work?

Of course it’s not. That honour belongs to Say Anything…

8. Why do people refuse to take responsibility for their actions?

This one bugs me more than anything else. Even though many of my actions over the last ten years can be blamed squarely on the ups and downs of my bipolar cycle (including the loss of friends, bad life decisions, homelessness and randomly spanking unsuspecting women on the backside) I still take full responsibility for my (occasionally misogynistic) actions. And if I have to take responsibility for things, why don’t other people? Criminals exclusively blaming their crimes on the drug ice, random strangers blaming other random strangers for bad car driving skills…no…take effing responsibility for your actions, decisions and emotions, you’re grown adults for crying out loud, not petulant children!

9. When did motorised bicycles become such a thing?

If you want a motorbike, buy a bloody motorbike…because riding around on a bicycle with a lawnmower engine attached to it makes you look like a twat. Period.


When did motorised bicycles become such a thing?

10. Is reliance on technology making our children stupid?

Oh, they can type like some random typing demon, but can they write with their hands? Oh, they can play with an iPad like some master tech guru, but can they use their imagination for play? Oh, they can speed type a text message on their swanky iPhones, but can they have an actual face-to-face conversation? All pertinent questions that demand to be answered for the sake of all human kind.

11. Who is the best Doctor?

Personally, it’s David Tennant all the way. Why? Because he balanced the light/dark sides of the character more perfectly than anyone else who has undertaken the role. But I’m always keen on debating this with people, I am a fan after all!

12. Why do I keep writing this blog?

Eight years of writing the same blog is a bloody long time, so much so that I often question whether or not I have anything left to say, or more importantly, whether I have anything left that people will be interested in. Ho hum, I guess time will tell on this one!

david tennant

Who is the best Doctor?

13. How many people will understand the MRE acronym I used in question one?

Well…did you?

4 thoughts on “Thirteen questions I think about…a lot

  1. I have to own up and say that the MRE made me pause and frown a bit :P and seeing as you mentioned it, could you please explain it?
    I am with you on David Tennant. Without a doubt the best Dr ever!! Closely followed by Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. I couldn’t stand that doofus who did it before the current one (I cant even remember his name!) and the current one……well, it’s so obvious he is acting. If you know what I mean.
    And yes! I do believe a reliance on technology is making our children less capable.


    • Hi, thanks for your comment! :)

      MREs are Men’s Rights Extremists and I don’t relate to them at all. They are often found in online forums and article comment fields proclaiming how hard done by men are in this world and that every single problem in the world is somehow the fault of women and/or feminists. In terms of domestic abuse they tend to ignore the statistics and believe men are far more likely to be the victims of abuse than the perpetrators. They also belive that all domestic violence is the fault of women, from bringing it on themselves to forcing men to assault a woman out of self defence. MREs are really quite arrogant and annoying and – even though I believe there are issues regarding men in the world (such as the recognition that men can be the victims of abuse) – I really don’t recognise with the whole Men’s Rights Extremism movement.

      So nice to see someone shouting the praises of Jon Pertwee. I love Jon Pertwee (my second favourite Doctor after Tennant) and believe he’s often overlooked by the (slightly) overrated Tom Baker. Matt Smith (the doofus I believe you’re referring to) was way to comical for my liking. I enjoyed him from time to time, but mostly when he was being more dramatic and serious. My opinion of the current Doctor is still up in the air, I like him as an actor but so far his portrayal has left me cold.

      Hope you have a great day! :)


  2. Hi interesting blog. Could it be that when females are abused I would guess in the main that its physical abuse whereas when men are abused I would guess in the main it’s psychological? I am only guessing I don’t know. MRE I thought was Male Rampant Ego

    Eggs have been the symbol of Easter for many years symbolizing ‘re birth. The first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany in the 19th century but in the UK they were made forever popular by John Cadbury in 1875

    David Tennant without question followed by Tom Baker


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