All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Addy’s Trivia Extravaganza!


Well, I’m currently camping in the Australian Bush as part of a week-long holiday organised by the mental health organisation I frequent. I will no doubt share my experiences upon my return home at the end of the week, but due to the luxury of post-scheduling, I’ve decided to share one of the activities I’ll be undertaking during the trip.

In addition to canoeing, drawing, BBQ boating, badminton and karaoke, we will be enjoying a trivia night of my own creation; thus allowing me to fulfil a life-long dream of being a trivia host! :)

So, for a bit of fun, here is (in a slightly edited form) the quiz I will be challenging people with. This way, you can play-a-long at home and impress everyone with your immense knowledge of all things trivia! But be warned, some of the questions are not what you would call ‘easy’! :p

Addy’s Trivia Extravaganza

1.      GEOGRAPHY: Name six countries that contain only one vowel, repeated three times (for example, Bahamas) (6)

2.      MULTIPLE CHOICE: In 2010, what species produced offspring in the wild in the UK for the first time in around 400 years after reintroduction to Scotland: Beaver, Bear; Wolf; or Reindeer? (1)

3.      PICTURE: Who is this person and what comedy series does she regularly appear in? (2)


Q3. Who is this person and what comedy series does she regularly appear in?

4.      SPORT: In which years during the 1990s were the Winter Olympics held? (1)

5.      MENTAL HEALTH: EMDR is a therapy commonly used to treat which symptom of mental distress? And for a bonus point…what does EMDR stand for? (2)

6.      MENTAL HEALTH @ THE MOVIES: Can you identify the movie from their short description? (5)

a.       After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more challenging when Pat meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl with problems of her own.

b.       A young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the mental facility.

c.        A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one

d.      Upon admittance to a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients to take on the oppressive head nurse.

e.      Based on writer Susanna Kaysen’s account of her 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the 1960s.

7.      AUSTRALIAN HISTORY: Sydney was established first, but what Australian state capitol city was founded second? (1)

8.      MENTAL HEALTH: The Happiness Trap, The Reality Slap and The Confidence Gap are books by which author? (1)

9.  SPORT: Since 1940 there have been three AFL Grand Final replays due to the first match being drawn; in 1948, 1977 and 2010. Can you name the three teams who were triumphant in these replays? (3)

10.  MENTAL HEALTH: On what date every year is World Mental Health Day? (1)

11.  PICTURE: Who is this person? (1)


Q11. Who is this person?

12.  AUSTRALIAN OF THE YEAR: Who was the first Australian of the Year…who was Australian of the Year in 2010…who is the current Australian of the Year? (3)

13.  MENTAL HEALTH: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was first published in what year? (1)

14.  MUSIC:  What kind of sandwich did the man in Brussels give the singer in “Down Under”? (1)

15.  MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which of the Rolling Stones has a cameo role as Captain Jack Teague, father of Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean, At World’s End’: Mick Jagger; Charlie Watts, Keith Richards; or Ronnie Wood? (1)

16.  PICTURE: Who is this person and what is the name of his regular side-kick on the quiz show he hosts? (2)


Q16. Who is this person and what is the name of his regular side-kick on the quiz show he hosts?

17.  LITERATURE: Who wrote Puckoon and Hitler: My Part in His Downfall? (1)

18.  TELEVISION: Which Lord of the Rings star played Diver Dan in the hit ABC television series Seachange? (1)

19.  MULTIPLE CHOICE: One member of the children’s sensation “The Wiggles”, Anthony Field, had his musical beginnings in a pretty mediocre 80’s rock band called “The ______________”; Koalas, Wombats, Cockroaches or Praying Mantises? (1)

20.  MENTAL HEALTH: SMART Goals are an effective way to prepare for the future, but what does the acronym SMART actually stand for? (1)

21.  LITERATURE: Which author wrote the novels Voss, A Fringe of Leaves and The Tree of Man? (1)

22.  SPORT: Excluding foul shots, what is the maximum break attainable in a frame of snooker? (1)

23.  PICTURE: What artist painted this picture? (1)


Q23. What artist painted this picture?

24.  MOVIES: Silvermist, Rosetta and Fawn are all characters in which Disney franchise? (1)

25.   AUSTRALIAN HISTORY: When did Australian women get the vote (nationally)? (1)

26.   MULTIPLE CHOICE: Melanophobia is the irrational fear of what: The colour black; Punishment; Fruit; or Children? (1)

27.   MOVIES: Classical pianist David Helfgott’s story was told in what movie? (1)

28.  MUSIC: Can you name five of the top ten selling (in Australia) albums of all time? (5)

29.  SPORT: “The Thunder from Down Under” and “The Melbourne Machine” are nicknames of which Australian sports star? (1)

30.  MENTAL HEALTH: Graham Green, author of Brighton Rock, suffered from which mental illness? (1)

31.  MULTIPLE CHOICE: Vermillion is a shade of which colour: Green; Blue; Red; or Yellow? (1)

32.  MOVIES: Who directed the feature films Amistad, The Terminal and War Horse? (1)

33.   FLAGS: Can you identify the country from a description of their flag? (5)

a.      Three equal vertical stripes of blue, white and red?

b.      Three equal horizontal stripes of black, red and yellow?

c.       A red flag with a black triangle superimposed on a slightly longer yellow arrowhead bearing a white star in the center of the black triangle?

d.      Two equal horizontal stripes of white and red?

e.      A rectangle divided in the middle with black top, red bottom and yellow circle?

34.  PICTURE:  What is this character’s name, who voices him and in what movie series does he appear? (3)


Q34. What is this character’s name, who voices him and in what movie series does he appear?

Total Points available 60
[Click here for the answers]


So, how did you go? If you’ve got over 40 I’ll be deeply impressed! :)

3 thoughts on “Addy’s Trivia Extravaganza!

  1. Dear,,

    Hi.. please introduce myself,,I am Asian,24 years old. I am unemployed. I have been fired from the job I was in twice. I can hardly find any other job bcs of my bad working experience on my cv.
    Since then, I realized that I am a slow learner. I was fired bcs I did mistakes for so many times and didn’t understand the instructions properly.

    Well, I have big problem with learning new thing. I used to be a very hardworker but still there always be some flaws on my work. My supervisor always mad at me like, “I’ve said it so many times!”. They did right thing. I didnt blame my previous supervisors who fired me. All I am blaming is my ability of learning and understanding.

    Because of this,I know my weakness well. This leads me to have a terrible feeling when it comes to talk to someone, I’m always getting nervous and panic when I have to explain something. That’s one of the reason why I got fired. I have bad communication skill. Why, because I am afraid if I’m doing wrong.

    Ever since the last day of my working, I haven’t applied for any job yet. I have traumatic feeling about getting fired. My mom always scold me and asking why I’m not looking for another Job. In fact, I never told this to anyone before include, (especially) my parents. I told them that my contract was terminated because I had to handle another job outside my Job desc. I didn’t tell them the honest reason.

    I can’t even share this to my bestfriends bcs they are the people I am envy with. They are the people I wish I could be. They are now having good position in their company with good salary. I feel so much intimidated when we go out for cinema or just hanging out,, they’re all proudly spending their self-earn money and sharing their working experience. Meanwhile, I am still using my parent’s money,, and the leftover money from my last salary.Things are getting harder for me when they ask what my daily activities are. In fact Im just doing nothing at home.

    I keep telling lies to everyone. I am really afraid to tell the truth and to be judged. Having myself as a slow learner has already become the most hurtful thing I have to face.

    Now I am fighting so much againts my own anxiety and low self esteem. I am so afraid what if I never get a proper job.
    I am really expecting for you to do me a favor about what to do? What am I supposed to do ?
    I am so much thankful for your help..

    Best Regards


  2. I got over 40! Just kidding, I got 20. To be fair, I’m American so I know nothing about Australian politics.
    I’ll just post the ones I got right:

    1. Canada, Morocco, Kosovo (shh Kosovo counts.)
    3. Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Recreation.
    6. Silver linings playbook, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
    10. October 10th (definitely didn’t just look at your sidebar for the answer. nope, definitely didn’t.)
    11. Audrey Hepburn! My love!
    16. Well, I know he’s Stephen Fry. But I have no idea who his sidekick is unless we’re talking about Hugh Laurie.
    24. The Tinkerbell movies
    26. Fear of black
    31. Red
    32. Spielberg
    33. France, Germany, Monaco (Yes, the Monaco flag is allowed! They didn’t specify which color was on top!) I’m taking this very seriously.
    34. Buzz, Tim Allen, the three toy story movies.

    Ok, I didn’t know the answer to any mental health questions. I feel bad about that, but I’m here to learn right? :)


  3. Nice blog. Your outing seems great Do post some pics as well. Looking forward to more of your blogs.


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