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Ten books I’d like to read in 2014

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Not being one who keeps an eye on the list of upcoming books, trying to come up with ten I’d like to read throughout the year ahead has been surprisingly difficult. Initially I began browsing the release lists on sites like Amazon, GoodReads and Barnes & Nobel but the sheer volume of romance and dodgy fantasy fiction eventually overwhelmed me into approaching my list a little differently.

Last year, I wrote a post that showcased the BBC’s ‘100 Books you must read before you die list‘. After studying the list it transpired that I only had twenty books to read before I’d read every single one of them, so I decided this year was as good as any to start polishing off those missing twenty books. Rather than just fill my list with these titles, I figured the best option would be to choose three of them to kick-start my literary adventures for 2014:

I then decided to give Meadhbh the option to choose a few books for us to read. After much deliberation, babbling and a seemingly endless series of questions, she decided upon:

And then, given her love of all things literary, Audrey requested that she choose a couple of books to read in 2014:

Following the (most welcome) input from my various people, I was left with only three books for me to decide upon. Obviously, there needed to be at least one Charles de Lint, which left only two. Eventually, after much deliberation, I remembered seeing the new JJ Abrams novel in a bookshop during my trip to Melbourne. Being a fan of his film work I realised that this needed to go on the list and, to prevent any further frustrations, realised I could add not one, but two de Lint books to the list:

Whether or not I read any of these books is something only time will tell, but it is rather wonderful to have the beginnings of a list for me to work through over the next twelve months! :)


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