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Why are mentally-ill children tied up and tormented?

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“If he was extra bad they would then chuck him on the floor there and then and put him in like a hand restraint, usually with his arms behind his back. And two people would sit side by side, sometimes with a towel over his head.”

In Australia, one of the leading news and current affairs shows is called ‘7.30’. Tonight, they featured a story that revealed a new report is warning Australian children in psychiatric care are suffering from out-dated practices of seclusion and restraint. In a country such as Australia – which is often referred to as ‘the lucky country’ – treating anyone in the manner described in this report is deplorable, let alone children as young as seven years old.

Hopefully this report will help bring the abuse of those in psychiatric care to the public eye and force the government and health services to change their archaic policies and adopt a more therapeutic, understanding approach.


Clicking the above image will transport you to the 7.30 website, where you can watch a video of the report

“Just about every parent knows the angst of having a child throw a noisy tantrum in a supermarket or on a crowded street.

But some families struggle daily with much more serious behavioural problems, especially when their children suffer from mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

How to deal with those children is a major dilemma for health workers too. In some extreme cases, children with psychiatric disorders are physically restrained and placed in seclusion – something that can be deeply traumatic.

A new report has highlighted the unacceptable use of those practices on disturbed children and health professionals say it must stop.”

Watch the complete video of the report or read the transcript here >>>

One thought on “Why are mentally-ill children tied up and tormented?

  1. Just watched this video and feel disgusted this is going on in any country let alone Australia. I once saw my 11 yr old daughter being held down by 4 nursing staff 3 of them men and was disgusted then that was 20 years ago. It’s no wonder she now hates hospitals of any sort.


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