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I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

(Some) Clothing that made me super-confident

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Ack! “Network upgrades” have been causing all manner of problems for me over the last few days. No matter how much I wish it, I’ve been unable to connect to the internet, so apologies for being so backed up with the 15 Day Blog Challenge.

Today the challenge continues with day three: tell about an article of clothing you’re deeply attached to.


Who hasn’t hidden a Super-shirt under their work clothes and ripped their shirt open to reveal that familiar logo? I know I have…many times! :)

I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the last few days, secretly glad I haven’t been able to connect to the internet because I’m not sure exactly how to answer this prompt.

When you’re homeless, the last thing on your mind is fashion. You live in a constant state of survival, so when it comes down to clothes you’ll take anything that will keep you warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Unlike when someone is housed, it is exceedingly rare for a homeless person to have access to their own wardrobe or chest of drawers, so clothing is something you shed willy-nilly in order to save space and/or weight in your backpack, rendering emotional attachments to clothing obsolete.

So these days clothes are, on the whole, a means to cover my naked self and nothing more.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

When I was a teenager I purchased a Superman T-Shirt. It was a dark blue colour with the red and yellow Superman symbol emblazoned across the chest. I loved this T-Shirt! For some reason it endowed me with an inner-power whenever I wore it. I felt more confident, more self-assured and actually liked how I looked whilst wearing it (which is very rare for me and clothing!) This T-shirt traveled with me around Scotland, across Canada, to Brussels and made the long flight to Australia with me.

Because I was such a ginormous teenager (think Hurley in Lost) it dwarfed everyone else who wore it, making it the perfect night-time attire for my first two girlfriends. By the time it disintegrated past the point of no return in 2007, it had been in my company for nearly fifteen years, making it the longest (and most worn) item of clothing I’ve ever owned.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I’ve looked, I’ve never been able to find a replacement Superman shirt that I like; they’re all odd colours or uninspired designs that neither me or my people connect with.

Another item of clothing that I recall cherishing beyond measure was only in my possession for a few months before it was “borrowed” by my girlfriend at the end of our relationship. They were a pair of bright red flannel pyjamas decorated with Stewie from the Family Guy. Although I’ve never been a huge fan of this television show, I was a huge fan of the ‘spank me’ text that was interspersed between the images of the little tyke. And, like the Superman shirt above, whenever I wore these pyjamas I actually felt more confident with both my physical appearance and emotional well-being.

Alas, for the last five years I’ve searched online and in the real-world for a replacement for these most-awesome of pyjamas but have never seen them for sale anywhere.

Only time will tell as to whether there will be any more items of clothing I bond with in the future. But now that I am housed again, I’m hoping something will come along that fills me with the same confidence and self-esteem as my much-loved (and missed) spank-me pyjamas and Superman Shirt.

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One thought on “(Some) Clothing that made me super-confident

  1. My husband has that T-shirt. Its his 3rd one, he got the 1st 1 when we were teenagers :)


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