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Thirteen views of Canada


One of the skills I’ve been practising over the last several months is trying to focus more on the positive aspects of my life rather than the negative. As is too often the case with us human beings, it is far too easy to dwell on the negative rather than rejoice in the positive; even though doing the latter will inevitably make us feel much better with ourselves.

Time and time again, when I take myself to my ‘happy places’ I am drawn to the wide and wonderful land of Canada, where I spent three of the most awesome months of my life (and not just because the women there had a wonderful penchant for dressing in dungarees!)

Some of the decorations I have in my house are a framed (completed) jigsaw puzzle of the CN tower in Toronto, several postcards of this beautiful land on my fridge and some old images I took all those years ago adorning my bedroom wall.

For today’s Thursday Thirteen I’ve decided to share some of these photographs with you. Given the almost antique nature of the images, they’re not of the greatest quality, but regardless of this, each of these photos mean the world to me.

So all that remains to say is: can you identify where the photographs were taken? The answers are hidden below:

| CN Tower (Toronto) | Black Tusk (Nr. Whistler) | Edmonton Skyline at Dusk | Vancouver Island |
| Mina Lake (Jasper) | Montreal Airport | Niagara Falls |
| Pyramid Falls (B.C) | Quebec City | Toronto |
| Vancouver Skyline | Athabasca Falls (Jasper) |
|Athabasca River|

5 thoughts on “Thirteen views of Canada

  1. About your previous post. I have never seen a password protected post before. I guess only certain people get to know what you have to say on that one? HMM!


    • Hi, thanks for your comment.

      I decided to password protect some of my posts because they deal with aspects of myself more sexual in nature, and thus not suitable for general consumption. You can find out more information about the posts – and how you can access the password, if you wish – on the password protected posts page.


  2. I know some of those places :) It’s fun living in Toronto! There is a lot of take pictures of!


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