All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Thirteen books with one letter missing…



The idea is simple, you remove one letter from a book to make an entirely different book.

Make sense?

Okay, we’ll start with an obvious one…

1. Harry Otter and the Philosopher’s Stone; what do you get if you cross J.K. Rowling with Kenneth Grahame? A semiaquatic mammalian wizard, that’s what.

2. The BG; Roald Dahl’s lesser known sequel to his classic children’s book. This time, be afraid, for the giant ain’t so friendly!

3. In Cod Blood; even fish are capable of murder.

4. The World According to Gap; a humorous coming-of-age tale set around the ins and outs of a clothing store.

5. Fifty Hades of Grey; the sadomasochistic adventures of the Greek God of the Underworld (yep, he’s got an Inner Goddess too!)

6. Rash; J.G Ballad’s controversial novel about skin disease fetishists.

7. The Bell Ar; depressed pirates, enough said.

8. A Dance to the Music of Tim; a twelve book saga centered around Tim, a busker who may or may not wear the right kind of overcoat.

9. In search of Lost Tim; the seven volume sequel to A Dance to the Music of Tim, wherein Tim  goes missing and lemony cake is eaten.

10. The Portrait of Lady; a contemporary retelling of the classic Disney film.

11. The Hose of Lost Spirits; in this horror classic, a gardener discovers his hose is haunted. Not as dirty as it sounds! ;)

12. Brighton Roc; in which a ravenous mythological bird terrorizes a British seaside resort.

13. The Tory of O; fancy reading about the sexual life of a young conservative politician? No, me neither, but you can in this saucy little volume! :p

Now, over to you…


16 thoughts on “Thirteen books with one letter missing…

  1. A Farewell to RMS … the book about the changing of ships from RMS to HMS


  2. First of all, how did you get that photo of my living room?

    Clan of the Cave Bar – the regulars at an underground pub become more like family.

    The Andromeda Stain – four scientists in a lab investigate a mysterious spot that just won’t come out.

    The Memory of Runing – after the death of his parents, a man embarks on a cross-country journey to translate ancient runes.

    Oh and you missed The Tim Traveller’s Wife ;)


    • These are awesome! I wish I’d come up with ‘The Andromeda Stain’! :)


    • And other installments in the chronicles of Tim the Busker include:

      – Tim Stops for No Mouse; in which Tim single-handedly saves the world from an army of megolomaniac rodents.
      – Conversations About the End of Tim; in which a group of serial-killers sit around and ruminate on how best to kill Tim.
      – A Brief History of Tim; ever wondered how Tim became a busker? Find out in this time-travelling escapade through Tim’s childhood.


  3. Oh! The Fist Deadly Sin, which given his other proclivities probably would have gone over great!


  4. First of all…I LOVE the photo!!
    Second, this is a fantastic idea…love the humour of it. Harry Otter soon grabs my attention


  5. The Lion, The Itch and The Wardrobe — about an allergic zookeeper suffering when cat fur gets on his uniform.
    The DaVinci Cod — about a fish with artistic aspirations (inspired by your In Cod Blood)

    I love this game!


    • These are awesome :)

      I love ‘The Lion, The Itch and the Wardrobe’, perhaps it’s prequels/sequels could include:

      – The Magician’s Nepew; in which our zookeeper is revealed to be the nephew of a magician unable to spell (best I could come up with for that one, I’m afraid!)
      – [The Lion, The Itch and the Wardrobe]
      – The Horse and his Bo; in which our zookeeper must contend with a horse trained in martial arts.
      – Price Caspian; in which our zookeeper is forced to sell his favourite giraffe, Caspian, due to budget cutbacks.
      – The Voyage of the Dawn Trader; in which our zookeeper decides to quit his job and become a travelling fruit’n’veg salesman.
      – The Silver Hair; in which our ex-zookeeper has a midlife crisis after finding his first grey hair.
      – The LAT Battle; in which our ex-zookeeper is rehired to make the zoo the best it’s ever been following a scathing review in the Los Angeles Times.


    • Those are both REALLY good!!


  6. The Birth Hose- a story of how men finally became able to give birth to children.


  7. depressed pirates, LMAO! Thanks for playing :-)


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