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How much does social anxiety affect your life?



Many moons ago I was perusing the interwebs looking for new and exciting ways to tackle my social anxiety disorder when I came across a test created by Dr. Michael R. Liebowitz, a psychiatrist and researcher. The test itself is decidedly simple. It asks you to rate how you feel in terms of ‘fear of’ and ‘avoidance of’ twenty-four different social situations. From this, the test determines how much social anxiety disorder plays a part in your life.

The scoring scale is:

55-65 – Moderate social phobia
65-80 – Marked social phobia
80-95 – Severe social phobia
95+ – Very severe social phobia

I scored 144 which is (unsurprisingly) very severe social phobia.

How about you?



10 thoughts on “How much does social anxiety affect your life?

  1. I got 7….My big thing is the phone. I WILL NOT call for take out food and I need to spend quite a bit of time preparing myself to call places for appointments or to find out information. It’s an anxiety that does bother me because unless I’ve called you many times in the past I probably feel very anxious about calling you, even if you’ve been my friend for a few years…it’s strange.


    • I have the same issue with phone calls. It is bizarre & hard for most people to understand.


    • I will generally only make a phone call if my life depends on it. In fact, Lifeline is pretty much the only number (aside from my parents) that I call with any regularity. When I do have to phone someone I’ll generally prepare a ‘prompt sheet’ of notes, questions and answers to questions I may be asked, as I tend to forget everything the moment someone answers,

      Even back in the day when I had friends the thought of talking to them on the phone filled me with terrible anxiety, regardless of how long I’d known them, which often prevented me from calling them at all. The frustrating thing is that I now have the same fear with emails and social media. It’s utterly bizarre.

      As such I can completly relate to your anxiety over phone calls. :)


  2. I got an 84! lol. But I have other factors involved as well. It is a small town and I have a past that everyone knows. I am insecure anyway. So, it effected the answers. I do a lot of avoiding. Even of the things that only affect me mildly. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Reblogged this on Seasons Change, and so have I and commented:
    I took this and scored 84. It is an interesting test. Take it if you feel you have Social Anxiety.


  4. I had a low score that it claimed that I don’t have social anxiety but I can’t hardly deal with angry costumers or authority figures. I have a meeting tomorrow that involves some bigwigs coming to our store. All of us employees will have to attend but I have to run the cash register while the big wigs are here. Since the meeting has to do with a new initiative to improve costumer service, I am nervous. I don’t like to be watched while I run the register but I think they might do that. (I am trying to remind myself that I am good at the register as long as a costumer doesn’t get mad at me. I tend to want to yell or run away when someone gets mad at me. History of being yelled at as child is still affecting me.)


    • When I used to work in retail and hospitality accommodation, I’d always hate it when upper management turned up and scrutinised me as I served customers for I always seemed to completely forget how to do anything, so I can feel your nervousness. Just remember that you are awesome at the register and don’t let them spook you! ;)

      Hope it all goes well! :)


  5. 31(fear) + 35(avoidance) = 66 marked me social anxiety…


  6. working while being observed is one of the few things makes me feel very nervous. spooked is a good word to describe that situation, only the real thing is more uncomfortable than that.


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