All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Thirteen completely random thoughts…


In my most recent Sunday Stealing post, I mentioned that I’d written this week’s Thursday Thirteen post around things I do to relax and de-stress. In reading through the post this morning I decided it was crap and needed to be re-written (most likely because of my intense self-critical nature!)

However, as I am in an insanely flakey and unfocused mood at the moment, I’m lacking the ability to concentrate on re-writing the planned post so have decided to do something different, something that more reflects my current mood.

Thus, I present to you…thirteen completely random things I’ve thoughts about this week!


1. How bored (and frustrated and annoyed and pissed off) I am of the ‘whingeing British’ stereotype, especially as Australians whine far, FAR, more!

2. This one actually came courtesy of Meadhbh who wondered why so many men act like assholes around women? I couldn’t come up with anything that couldn’t be described as misandry.

3. How long is too long for a man’s fingernails? As my left hand pinkie’s nail is nearly one centimeter long!


Not my nails…just so we’re clear! :p

4. Why is Australia so obsessed with politics? For that matter, why do most Australian bloggers see themselves as political journalists, even though they have nothing new, original, thought-provoking or educational to say on the matter?

5. On Tuesday I found a 960 page book in an op-shop for $1.50 titled “1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die”. In reading through this book I found myself experiencing a cavalcade of emotions; from anger at the absence of Kirby’s Dream Land, frustration over how many different versions of Mario Kart were included, pride at the inclusion of games my brother helped make and absolute nostalgia as I was reminded about games I used to love that I’d completely forgotten about, including:

  • Fantasy World Dizzy (ZX Spectrum); I freaking LOVED this game!
  • Pilotwings (SNES); the only ‘flight simulator’ I ever really liked.
  • Ecco the Dolphin (Sega Megadrive); seriously, how could I possibly have forgotten this?
  • Flashback (Various); this game had great character animation for its time!
  • Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (PC); I think I preferred this to Monkey Island!
  • Gunstar Heroes (Sega Megadrive); one of the few Megadrive titles I ever actually loved.
  • Lemmings (Various); how? Just how could I forget this insanely addictive game?
  • Pac-Land (Arcade); this had to be an inspiration for Super Mario!
  • New-Zealand Story (Arcade); a bow-n-arrow carrying Kiwi bird!
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (PC); so much better than Crystal Skull!
  • Mario Golf (Gameboy); the only golf game I ever really liked.
  • The Longest Journey (PC); the last great brain busting graphic adventure game.
  • Star Wars (Arcade); the original Star Wars video game, from way back in 1983. Vector graphics, woohoo!

Which just me thinking, what were your favourite video games when you were growing up?


They don’t make games like they used to! :(

6. Why are people so obsessed with how ‘liveable’ their city is? Seriously, why do people even care? Does it influence where you decide to live? I don’t get it!

7. This one actually came courtesy of Audrey during an epic conversation I had with her on Saturday. Is there a family more talented in the field of literature than the Brontes? I honestly can’t think of any.

8. Am I the only person on the planet who, when depressed and anxious, finds it almost impossible to use a keyboard? In the last hour I have: hit 134 incorrect keys, written sentences that look like anagrams, closed the tab without knowing how, accidentally gone into full screen mode 8 times and forgotten how to touch-type. It’s bloddy annoying!

9. How young is too young to start masturbating? I may tell you how young I was when I have a better idea of the acceptable average age.

10. Is Metroid: Other M sexist? If you’re not familiar with the game, the lead character (Samus Aran) is a female kick-ass bounty hunter who decides to withhold using her huge arsenal of weaponry until some guy from her past ‘allows’ her to use them; which takes him forever to do! There are even times in the game that he stands back and allows her to experience intense pain that could have been prevented had he given her permission to use her weaponry! Isn’t that physical abuse?

Samus Aran

Samus Aran (Image © Ivan Flores)

11. Would the world be a better place if home video gaming hadn’t moved past the ZX Spectrum? Like I said, totally random thoughts.

12. After watching the series finale to Fringe (pure brilliance), I was left wondering about my favorite last ever episodes:

  • Highlander: The Series; Not to be is possibly my all time favorite last-ever episode.
  • Blackadder the Fourth; does this count when you factor in the special they made in 2000?
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer; you sleep, you die!
  • Chuck; am I the only person who genuinely loved this finale?
  • One Tree Hill; my heart broke when Logan said ‘mom’…and then, of course, there was Bevin’s return! :D
  • Quantum Leap; so different to what many people were expecting! :)

Which just got me wondering what everyone else’s favorite last ever episodes are?

13. Should I return to Facebook? So many people have been telling me how supportive Facebook can be with an array of groups aimed at mental illness, support and recovery. All I remember about Facebook was how vicious, facile and pointless the whole exercise was.


“Yeah, Buffy? What are we gonna do now?”

7 thoughts on “Thirteen completely random thoughts…

  1. I too have been too unfocused to blog lately and almost all of my usual days have fallen by the wayside. I have about ten draft posts sitting waiting for completion.

    I did like the Buffy finale (much more than the Angel finale). Unfortunately most of the shows I loved (Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Carnivale) got cancelled without enough warning for a really satisfying finale.

    My favourite video game growing up was Yoshi’s Island (SNES). Oh I loved that game.

    Several of my coworkers have small sons (in the 6-7 year range) and they have apparently already started masturbating. So pretty young is pretty normal for boys I guess. I was probably 10 or 11.


    • Yoshi’s Island was awesome! I loved it so much I even got the Gameboy Advance port (with bonus levels!) when it was released! :p

      I’ve always been gutted that Carnivale was cancelled without a proper finale, ’twas such a great show! As were all those you listed. Having now finished the two seasons of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, it is now another to add to the list of great shows cancelled without a proper ending.

      As for the age of beginning masturbating, I now feel slightly less weird, as I too fall into the age bracket of your coworkers sons.

      PS…I think I may spend the weekend trying to edit/finish my ever-growing list of draft posts, it’s getting a little too long for my liking!


      • I never had a gameboy advance – we went from SNES to playstation and the next Nintendo products I got were the DS and then my Wii – and I had no idea there were extra levels to Yoshi. That makes me sad :(

        I shall be spending the weekend working and continuing to train the new girl so I shan’t be able to tackle mine :(


        • I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy since the late 80s. My first console was the NES, then the Gameboy, then the SNES (still the greatest console of all time), then the N64, Gameboy Advance, DS and now, Wii. In fact the only non-Nintendo console I ever owned was the Sega Megadrive. Basically, this is because I am obsessed with Zelda! :p

          From memory there were only 6 extra levels in the GBA Yoshi, so don’t be too sad.

          Hope you have a great weekend working/training…or at least, as great as a weekend spent doing those things can be! ;)


  2. I have short nails for a woman (I bite my nails) so I would be of no help in clearing up that question!


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