All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Sunday Stealing: Amazing Paperboy Delivers!


Welcome back to Sunday Stealing.

Today we ripped off a blogger named Paul Burgin from the blog Mars Hill. It is 20 questions,  He says he got it from Paul Linford.  But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft’s thieves might take some time.


First Job:

Paperboy. Yep, like that classic video game of yesteryear, I used to cycle around the streets hurling newspapers at mailboxes, through windows and at various family pets. At one point I was doing five different paper-rounds a week, making me the town’s most dedicated distributor of news and current events.

First Real Job:

Huh? My first real job was as a paperboy. For I absolutely did not imagine all those long hours of cycling the streets, sore backsides and cramped shoulders.

First Volunteer Job:

I used to help out at soup kitchens when I was backpacking. I also used to help mental health organisations and partake in charity collections.

First Car:

Does He-Man’s Battleram count?


Battle vehicle for He-Man! Rolls into combat on four wheels. Front detaches to become a “Sky Sled,” while the back is a “mobile launcher.” Launches projectiles/battering rams by pressing on a spring-loaded lever.

Because if it doesn’t then I’m shitouttaluck as I’ve never owned a car. Heck, because of my pesky illnesses, I don’t even have a licence!

First Record:

Note: in my defense I was a horny teenager! :p

First Sport Played:

Being a child who grew up in the United Kingdom during the 1980s there’s only one possible answer to this. And no, it isn’t (unfortunately) Curling!

When I was but a young boy I joined an after school football group because (a) I wanted to get fitter, (b) I wanted to lose weight, (c) I wanted to make some new friends after moving countries and (d) I loved football. However, the coach decided I wasn’t a good enough footballer and was told not to come back to the group.


First Concert:

I was a latecomer to the world of live music. Although I saw several live bands play (mainly Jazz and Scottish folk) whilst living in Scotland, my first real concert experience was shortly after arriving in Australia, where I saw My Friend the Chocolate Cake and Archie Roach play a joint concert at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne.

It was awesome!

First Country Visited:

Excluding my country of birth (the UK), the first country I visited was the magnificent (and much missed) land of beavers, maple leaves and dungaree wearing women; Canada.

First Kiss:

My first kiss took place on the 30 December 2000 and I’ve written about it approximately 386,000 times (made up statistic) on this blog, most recently last week in a post all about love, lust and lots of kisses! :p

First Speech:

I suffer from severe social anxiety – I don’t do speeches!

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:

My first girlfriend was Louise, whom I met when I was twenty-two. Our relationship lasted five and a half years, spanned two continents, several major sacrifices and cost me pretty much everything of value. Once upon a time, I wrote her an unsent letter titled: my life would be empty had you never been in it.

First Encounter with a Famous Person:

Twenty-four hours after watching Dead Ringers, I served Jeremy Irons coffee whilst working at a motorway service station in Magor, South Wales.

Yes, I was reduced to a gibbering idiot! It was Jeremy Irons FFS, who wouldn’t be?

First Brush With Death:

This would probably have been during severe mental and physical health issues, including several suicide attempts, throughout 2006 and 2007.

First House/Flat Owned:

I’ve never owned my own house/flat, but the first that meant anything to me was a magnificent apartment I rented in Inverness.

To this day, it’s still my favourite flat I’ve ever had!

First Film Seen at a Cinema:

I’m not sure if it was the first, but one of the earliest I can ever remember was Disney’s The Foxand the Hound.

First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV):

During the late 90s and early 2000s I had several letters published in a variety of local and national newspapers. I also had an opinion piece published in 2009.

As for television and radio, I’ve never appeared on either, but I’m umming and ahhing about an invitation I’ve received to appear on a radio show this week.

© ABC Local: Simon Leo Brown

Although, whilst homeless, I did appear in a photograph published on the ABC website…sort of! :p

First Hospital Stay:

I believe this was when I was around six or seven and decided to stand up in the middle of a concrete pipe. For some reasons I thought there was a hole above me, but completely failed to look up and check this fact before forcefully cracking my head open and spraying blood over several small children.

First Book You Remember Reading:

Removing books my parents read to me as a child (The Faraway Tree series, The Famous Five and Roald Dahl), the first book I can remember reading all on my lonesome was ‘Quest for a Kelpie‘. I know there were books before this but this is the one that stands out most in my mind.

First Pet:

A black and white cat whose name was Sparkle. She was awesome, I adored her miss her immensely! :(

First Election You Voted In:

The 1997 General Election; the one where Labor won with a landslide victory (woohoo!), the Conservatives were comprehensively booted out of Scotland (ha!) and the entire country could recite the lyrics to D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stealing: Amazing Paperboy Delivers!

  1. I’m sitting this one out – I have email to catch up on ;) – but I’ve been on tv. The only one to which I have an interesting answer. My sister’s medical issues had us on multiple telethons and news broadcasts many years ago. One telethon hosted, funnily enough, by the douchebag I now work for :)


  2. Your first car answer cracked me up!! Very funny.

    And Jeremy Irons, wow!! Very cool.


    • I’ve loved Jeremy Irons since I was a kid (the first film of his I saw was ‘Danny the Champion of the World’) so it was quite awe-inspiring (and nerve wracking) when I realised who I was serving coffee too. I didn’t think I’d have the guts at first, but being such a fan I did eventually get an autograph! :)


  3. I don’t want to live in a world where He-Man’s Battleram doesn’t count. Dead Ringers is one scary-ass movie and if I saw Jeremy Irons right after viewing, I think I’d be totally freaked out. Nice to meet your hair and ear.


  4. I know SO MANY people that would rather die than speak publicly. Amazed, am I.


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