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Coping Skills


We all have good days and bad days. For some of us, especially if mental health issues are involved, the bad days can be all-consuming, so when they hit we need to have the coping skills to deal with the emotional distress we find ourselves in.

My support worker recently gave me a worksheet – created by Indigo Daya (a Melbourne based mental health trainer, consultant and change agent) – that gives advice on how we can help ourselves cope during such difficult times, across six different aspects of our lives:

Coping Skills

Worksheet Layout and Text © Indigo Daya

On the reverse of the worksheet there is space for you to write about the various coping skills that work best for you. You’re also encouraged to print out a copy so you can refer to it in times of need. Whilst I’ve stuck my hard-copy on the fridge, I’ve also decided to include a version of it here on the off-chance it will inspire someone in ways they may not have thought of.

In working through the worksheet it became apparent to me how reliant I am on the distraction set of coping skills. In fact, aside from the occasional moment of emotional release, virtually all of my coping mechanisms fall into this category.

This realisation has encouraged me to look at some other coping skills (such as grounding and self-love) to see if I can create some new skills to better assist with distressing periods, especially when lack of concentration makes it difficult to focus on any distractions.

My Coping Skills

Worksheet Layout © Indigo Daya

If you would like to view Indigo Daya’s Coping Skills worksheet and print a copy to complete yourself, you can do so here.

Whilst I work on the areas I’m lacking skills in, I’m interested in how other people cope with life’s distresses. Do you tend to rely on distraction? Or are you more a self-love or emotional release person?

Feel free to leave any coping skills advice in the comments below, who knows, you may find yourself accessing your higher self and helping someone else. :)

20 thoughts on “Coping Skills

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    Awesome Resource


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    This is a brilliant resource. I’m going to try using the sheets myself and thought others who read my blog might find it beneficial to take a look too. Lucy xx


  4. Reblogged this on Bipolar 2 Dad and commented:
    This is wonderful. A lot of work I think, but worth it :)


    • Thanks for the comment and reblog!

      It is a lot of work and I’ve only just started working through it…but I definitely think it will be worth the effort in the long while!

      Hopefully you’ll find it helpful :)


  5. This is great! Thank you!


  6. I distractingly access my higher self


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    Great source of information on coping skills, something I have really needed recently! Go give it a look! :-)


  11. Reblogged on (my blog) and just want to say thank you!


  12. I think the self-love aspect is very important. Thanks so much for this post.


  13. Thank you so much for this! I am struggling in recovery from depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder, so I can’t wait to try these!

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