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Day 05: Five things that irritate me about (some) men and women


~ This is a ‘leaving the toilet seat up’ free zone. Seriously, it takes like two seconds! ~

Yeah, I know, I’m a few days late. What with counselling sessions discussing my cacophony of voices, actual conversastions with my cacophony of voice, a rather anxiety infused Munch (I’ll get to that in another post) and three dream laden nights leading to a lack of sleep, I’ve been somewhat busy! :p

But here, better late than never, is day five in the 30 Day Blog Challenge…

Five things that irritate me about (some) women

Audrey Hepburn

(in no particular order)

1. Selective hypocrisy

A quote from The Punch:

“Imagine this new TV advertisement: A gorgeous, shapely young woman is mowing the lawn in the golden summer sunshine. She’s admired by some eager young men who roll a can of Diet Coke down the hill towards her. She stops mowing, and starts drinking the fizzy soft drink.

She gets some of it on her t-shirt so she removes it, revealing a toned midrift and huge rack enclosed in a sexy red bra. She keeps mowing with her top off in soft-focus slow-motion, closely watched by the guys. The soundtrack, of course, is Etta James’ “I just want to make love to you”.

I’ll bet there would be a huge outcry if any soft drink maker dared to make an ad like that these days.

So why does no one care when this exact ad is made starring a muscle-clad man and his tanned, six-pack torso being admired by a gaggle of perving women?”

Couldn’t agree more.

If this advert had been made as hypothesized above it would have been headline news. Dozens of articles would have been published attacking the blatant sexism and misogyny within the advertising sector, calls would be made to have the advert banned for all eternity and women would be (rightly) up in arms over the continual objectification and sexualisation in society.

But hey, it’s a group of women perving on a naked man, so that’s perfectly acceptable.

Nothing hypocritical about this in any way, shape or form.

2. Women who don’t listen to what the men in their lives are saying

Quite often you hear complaints concerning how men don’t listen to what the women in their lives are saying – but you do realize that it happens the other way around as well, don’t you?

And it’s really bloody irritating!

3. The 21st century fad for grown women to make themselves look like pre-pubescent school girls

Why are so many women buying into the ‘no pubic hair=beautiful’ bollocks? For the love of everything and anything you believe in, let the garden’s grow. Pubic hair is awesome. It’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful. Even those little rogue hairs that have decided to venture out to your naval are spectacular :p

I know a woman’s body is her own and she can do with it whatever she pleases, it just irritates me that so much beauty is being tossed into the garbage affixed to sticky wax strips.

4. Women who list ‘has a mental health problem’ as a dealbreaker.

Would you turn down Kurt Cobain? Stephen Fry? Russell Brand? Johnny Depp?

Thought not.

So find a way to move past your prejudices and stop being such a discriminatory ass!

5. There’s nothing less sexy/attractive/beautiful than a man who cries.

Okay, you do realize the blatantly obvious, don’t you? Or do you think you’re sexy/attractive/beautiful when you’re bawling your eyes out? Because let me break it to you gently…you’re not!

Crying is an emotional response, quite often one you can’t control. And there is nothing wrong with a man showing his emotions – in fact it should be encouraged, not discouraged.

Unless he’s crying over the end of Monsters Inc., because that’s just a bit weird ;)

Five things that irritate me about (some) men


(in no particular order)

1. Manscaping

You’re a man. You’re supposed to have body hair. Stop eliminating it and start embracing it!

2. Being in possession of a vagina does not make someone incapable of stringing sentences together.

There is nothing more irritating than a man who refuses to read books written by female authors.

If you think these men don’t exist, you’re wrong. Back in the mid-2000s I recommended a book by author A.L Kennedy to a male friend. By the time he was mid-way through the book his comments were “loving it” and “what a brilliant writer this guy is”. When I corrected his use of gender he immediately stopped reading the book and was annoyed I’d ‘entrapped’ him into reading such ‘female-centric’ garbage.


Get over your pathetic misogyny and start realizing how magnificent the work of female writers can be.

Why not start with: Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Isobelle Carmody, Helen Garner, A.L Kennedy, Nicola Barker, Ali Smith, Toni Morrison, Ursula K. Le Guin, Susan Cooper, Margaret Atwood, Mary Shelley, Zadie Smith, Leigh Redhead, Robin Bowles, Diana Wynne Jones, Arundhati Roy, Maya Angelou, Angela Carter, Jeanette Winterson or Marisha Pessl – to name but twenty-three off the top of my head!

3. Admitting your mistakes doesn’t make you less of a man – it makes you more of a man.

You’re not a God who has decided to take a vacation on this most random of planets. You’re a human being. And as a human being you make mistakes. You do things wrong. You fuck up. Frequently!

So be a goddamn man and admit to them – apologise for them – and learn from them.

It’s not that difficult.

4. Men who list ‘has a mental health problem’ as a dealbreaker.

Would you say no to Audrey Hepburn? Sarah McLachlan? Catherine Zeta Jones? Angelina Jolie?

Thought not.

So find a way to move past your prejudices and stop being such a discriminatory ass!

5. Misogyny

Seriously, invent a time machine and travel back to the dark ages where you belong. Oh, I forgot, you’re too busy blaming women for all the problems in your life to do anything that even remotely resembles hard work!

So I guess we’re stuck with you until someone (most likely a woman) invents such a machine.

Is there anything about either gender that really gets on your goat?
Feel free to vent/moan/whinge in the comments field below :)

Next: The person I like and why I like them

4 thoughts on “Day 05: Five things that irritate me about (some) men and women

  1. Interesting as always.. Feel the same way on #3 on women part and oh thank you for johnny depp…Happy Love day… :)


  2. What gets me about how some women are portrayed is when they are really happy to be on their period. The happy people with tampax. The majority of women I know would have brought a chianti to to wash down the remaining skin after chewing you out.

    Incidentally, I never make mistakes. I thought I did once, but I was wrong.

    I can’t believe that some men won’t read female authors. I have read books by Margaret Weiss and Tracey Hickman (the latter being male), Karen Traviss, and many other female authors. Some females write better than the males.


  3. I hate when women say how great they feel and just adore their womanly curvaceous shape. Then a couple of months later they’re on TV spouting how a particular diet helped them to look better. Hypocrites. I don’t care either way if you look like a woman or resemble a stick. Just have the decency to not fill us with your sanctimonious drivel.

    I hate that men seem to think women can’t read a map or actually know where they’re going. Are these men so far up their own arses to acknowledge that maybe, some of us do know what direction north is on a compass.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant. ;)


    • I’m not sure if you ever watched a TV show called “Tru Calling” that was on several years ago It starred Eliza Dushku (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame). After the show was cancelled I remember reading an interview she did where she expressed frustration over the (male) writers and how they wrote her character. As an example of this she told a story of how one episode featured a scene where her character walked over to a male extra and asked him to show her directions as she was incapable of reading the map she had. Eliza, being the awesome person she is, refused to play the scene and demanded that it be re-written.

      For the record, I can’t recall knowing a single woman who couldn’t read a map, in fact most were far better at it than the men I’ve known!

      Thanks for ranting, they’re always fun to read :)


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