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Daily Prompt: Slash and Burn


Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is:

Write 500 words on any topic you like. Now remove 250 of them without changing the essence of your post.

~ I will never forget her ~


This is the original 500 word post I wrote with the changes blocked out…

One of the most special friendships I’ve had in my life was with Samantha.

We met in Adelaide, and didn’t exactly share the most ‘socially acceptable’ first meeting. For when I spontaneously smacked her ass as a ‘greeting’, I’d expected a swift slap across my face or a knee to the bollocks!

You see, what happened that night was a rare moment of serendipity.

So when she contacted me months later via Facebook, it wasn’t long before we became firm friends.

Our shared secret forced us to trust each other implicitly from the get go. One of the reasons I believe our friendship was so close, so quickly.

Over the months we shared our darkest desires and laughed ourselves silly over our life experiences.

By the time I’d returned to Scotland we were ready to meet. With nerves increasing one balmy night in Glasgow, we acted out her deepest fantasy.

Afterwards, we lay on the bed bathing in a shared moment of bliss that neither of us would forget for the rest of our lives.

Shortly before Christmas 2008, Samantha passed away following a drug overdose; and to this day, we don’t know whether this was an accidental or deliberate overdose.

Although we only knew each other for a year, Samantha was one of my closest friends; someone who never judged or criticized me. Someone who accepted me no questions asked.

That is why my friendship with Samantha was so special.

And that is why I will never forget her.

However interesting writing this post was, upon reading the final 250 word version I realise something quite important has been rendered absent from the heavy editing of the post; me.

Although the essence of the post is the same (i.e. how my friendship with Sammi was one of the most important of my life) the editing has removed all essence of ‘me’.

So although I succeeded in the challenge, I realise more than ever how important it is to stay true to your unique writing voice.

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