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Very Inspiring Blogger Award? Me? Wow!


For some reason (that I’m still trying to work out) I’ve been awarded a ‘Very Inspiring Blogger‘ award! :-)

Although I consider my blog many things ‘inspiring’ is rarely one of them, so it feels rather wonderful, humbling (and very smile inducing) that Glorious Mettle considers me worthy of receiving such an auspicious award. Personally, I think she’s been smoking something naughty!

But thank you, truly :-)


As with all blog awards, it comes with a few rules…

1. Display the award logo on your blog…and very beautiful it is too :-)

2. Link back to the person who nominated you: You can check out Glorious Mettle’s (now officially) very inspiring blog, here :-)

3. State 7 things about yourself:

In keeping with the theme I’ve decided to share seven moments when I felt truly inspired:

  1. July 1990: After visiting Loch Ness for the very first time with my family, I used this awesome day of Nessie exploration to write a short story about a family who travel to Loch Ness only to stumble through a gateway into a mythical realm where they must band together to save a family of Loch Ness Monsters from an evil hunter desperate to eradicate these creatures from existence.
  2. June 1993: After having my heart stolen by the school’s most beautiful girl, I wrote her into a really bad adventure novel that was part House of Wax, part Goonies, part Neighbours and part Indiana Jones. Fortunately, the object of my inspiration never read it!
  3. September 1997: Personally, I think it’s impossible for anyone to visit Glenfinnan and not be overwhelmed with the inspiring landscape on show. The first time I visited this most majestic of places is branded to my soul for the rest of eternity.
  4. August 1998: The best monologue I ever wrote came in a long-lost screenplay called One Wild Night, an obscure John Hughes/Quentin Tarantino hybrid set in a video store. The monologue in question was inspired by a fellow (female) co-worker who I was unable to talk to courtesy of my social anxiety.
  5. February 2000: The first time I ever visited Berneray; the most inspiring place I’ve ever been to in my life!
  6. November 2005: Whilst vacationing in Port Fairy I began work on a dramedy screenplay based in a backpacker hostel. It was inspired by: my actual job as a backpacker hostel manager, the hostel I worked at and the amazing assortmant of staff who were working there at the time. For over a year, it was my dream to make this screenplay into a film as I was always rather proud of it.
  7. April 2008: Lying next to Sammi one night in Glasgow filled me with the same intoxicating, inspiring bliss that I’d felt upon visiting Glenfinnan and Berneray all those years earlier. One of only a few people who have ever provided me with such inspiration.

    Should you wish to read 100 more things about me, you can do so here :-)

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

In no particular order:

Thank you all for being such wonderful inspiration :-)


4 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award? Me? Wow!

  1. You’re welcome! And I haven’t been smoking anything naughty :P Call it like I see it ;)


  2. Many of your blogs are inspiring and you should be proud to have won that award you work hard on your blogs.
    Congratulations Inspiring Blogger


  3. Congratulations … and Thank you … I will be doing all of my awards by the end of next week.


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