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Addy’s Best of 2012: Best Dramatic Actress in a TV Show


In addition to the Mental Health Month Challenge I have decided to undertake a more light-hearted challenge this month that I discovered on Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges. Each day in December I will be issuing an award in celebration of everything 2012, continuing with…

Best Dramatic Actress in a TV show

~ Anna Torv ~

Anna Torv

Fringe is a show I first tried to watch in 2009; after half a dozen episodes I declared it was crap and refused to watch any more.

In 2011 I was bored, living in a boarding house and had nothing to do so decided to give Fringe’s second season a whirl. After half a dozen episodes, in spite of declaring a scene in the first episode one of the greatest TV moments I’d ever seen, I still considered it crap and refused to watch any more.

In 2012, after battling through homelessness into a unit, I was still bored and somewhat depressed. With nothing else to do I decided to give the third season of Fringe a chance. After six episodes I was hooked and watched the remainder of the season in less than a day, constantly wondering how I had ever considered the show to be crap.

Following Season three I returned to the first two seasons and watched them in their entirety across three days. Immediately upon completing this marathon I watched the third season again and my love for the show was solidified for the rest of eternity.

Not only is it one of the smartest, most intelligent and creative shows currently on television. It is also the (drama) show that I believe has the finest acting ensemble on television (although, admittedly, Game of Thrones does come close!)

An ensemble that is perfectly led by the sublime Anna Torv, whose portrayal of Olivia Dunham (and parallel world Olivia Dunham aka Fauxlivia) is borderline perfection and by far my favourite dramatic actress of 2012 – which given the presence of the runners-up below, is no mean feat!

~ Runners up for ‘Best Dramatic Actress in a TV Show’ award ~

~ Note ~
Given Claire Danes has received such widespread acclaim for her role in the show Homeland you may be wondering why she doesn’t rate a mention in this post. The answer is simple, I haven’t seen the show yet! When I have, I’ll let you know what I think :)

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