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Addy’s Best of 2012: The Most Overrated of the Year

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In addition to the Mental Health Month Challenge I have decided to undertake a more light-hearted challenge this month that I discovered on Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges. Each day in December I will be issuing an award in celebration of everything 2012, continuing with…

The Most Overrated of the Year

~ The Dark Knight Rises ~


Before we go any further, can we just all understand something: overrated does not mean bad. It means that the quality of the final product does not deserve the critical reception it receives…and The Dark Knight Rises is the most obvious recipient for this award in 2012.

Now, I love the The Dark Knight films. Both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight rate in my ‘Top 5 Superhero Movies of All Time’ (alongside Spider-Man 2, Superman 2 and Kick Ass), but the final installment of Nolan’s “trilogy” was an over-long, over-populated, over-complicated, over-obvious, disappointment.

It was at least half an hour too long (a criticism that can be laid at virtually every film these days), had one of the worst audio mixes I’ve ever heard in the cinema (for the first time ever I missed lines of dialogue over the pounding score), there were far too many characters (most of whom kinda sat around doing not very much other than complicating the plot) and contained an ending so obvious I wanted to cry at how painfully expected it was.

But more than anything, I have a very high intolerance for ‘manufactured’ trilogies, and whilst watching this movie I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were desperately trying to tie the plot back to Batman Begins so that everyone went ooooo, they’d planned that all along when in reality, the connections just felt forced and, again, rather obvious.

Don’t get me wrong, I did like this movie (I’d give it 7.5/10). Hell, I purchased it as a birthday present for myself so I hardly hate it. But it is massively overrated, nowhere close to the brilliance of The Dark Knight and doesn’t (quite) deserve the rave reviews it has received all year.

~ Runners up for ‘The Most Overrated of the Year’ award ~



One thought on “Addy’s Best of 2012: The Most Overrated of the Year

  1. I agree. I had avoided watching this because someone I know spoiled the ending for me. I brought it yesterday and watched it last night. It definitely was not as good as it was hyped up to be. I should have waited until had gone down in price


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