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In defence of Inverness


Today’s WordPress Daily prompt is:
You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

Inverness © Addy

Most people who travel to Scotland will visit Inverness as it makes an excellent base for the aspiring monster hunter. However, once they’ve stared out over the loch and concluded a rogue wave was indeed the monster they move on, speeding down toward the world-renowned hubs of Edinburgh or Glasgow, relegating the wee city that could to become ‘that place I slept in when I went to Loch Ness‘.

Which is a shame. For there is so much more to Inverness than lochs and monsters.

For a start, there is a rich and vibrant music scene, with venues such as Hootananny, Ironworks and a wealth of pubs offering local and international musicians on a nightly basis. Whereas the exceptional Eden Court provides a wide range of entertaining, educational and inspiring live theatre and international cinema.

History, too, is richly served. Culloden Moor, site of the last pitched battle fought on British soil, is minutes away. Whilst a little down the road are the Clava Cairns; always overlooked in favour of the more promoted neolithic sites but equally impressive all the same. Fort George is on your doorstep, as is Craig Phadrig, the Caledonian Canal and the Black Isle.

There are altruistic options galore, a wide selection of local and international cuisine and the greatest bookshop in the world!

So the next time you’re in Scotland, forget the glory of Edinburgh or Glasgow and spend a week exploring the city at the heart of the Highlands. Savor its flavor, relish its laid back approach to this crazy thing called life and inspire yourself with all it has to offer.

I guarantee the moment you stop seeing it as a stopover for monster hunting is the moment you fall in love with one of the greatest cities in the world.

And c’mon? Where else will you find a castle that looks like it’s been constructed solely from pink Lego bricks?

Inverness Castle © Addy

5 thoughts on “In defence of Inverness

  1. I wish I could go there. I think I would be a lot more interested in Castles and scenery than any monsters


    • Inverness Castle currently houses the Sheriff’s court of Inverness, so although pretty to look at (if you like Lego castles) you may not want to see inside :) There are however many wonderful castles nearby and the scenery is specatcular. Especially Glen Affric, which is a short (incredibly beautiful) drive from the city.

      As for the monster…I love the legend, and the exhibition(s) at Drumnadrochit are quite wonderful and informative. However, if you visit the area, you must go to Urquhart Castle. I once spent an entire day roaming this place, quite a wonderful place with spectacular views of the loch.

      Hopefully one day you’ll get to visit :)


  2. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. The beautiful views and the music in the pubs are interesting to me.


  3. I wish i could visit Scotland too- but your love for your native land vibrates through your post. Can you speak Scottish too ?


    • Alas, I cannot speak Scottish. I understand a few Gaelic words but not many. Although I would love to be able to speak this most wonderful of languages. Perhaps one day I’ll learn! :)

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