All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

This is home…


After much cursing, switching it off and on again, more cursing, hurling it across the room, even more cursing and promising to take it out for dinner and a movie…the camera on my phone finally decided to start working this weekend!

I think it may have had something to do with promising she would definitely get lucky at the culmination of the promised date, but not knowing much about the inner working of a phone’s mind, who knows what the problem was!

As a result, I can now show you my home. Aren’t you lucky people? :)

In order for you to have something to compare it to – plus show you how far I’ve come/how bloody hard I’ve worked – let’s first take a look at where I used to live.

Where I used to live… (circa 2010)

Where I live now… (circa present day)

My lounge room…

My bedroom…

My Kitchen…

I decided not to show you the bathroom. It’s a wholly unexciting room that contains a toilet (we’ve all seen one of those), a shower (we’ve all seen one of those, although some people seem to need lessons in how they work), a sink (it’s white, and well, a sink) and the linoleum floor is even harder to clean than the kitchen’s is!

Yes, I’m fully aware I live in a place that most people would describe as “dodgy”, hell, I’ve used far worse words than that over the months! But you know what? I really don’t care. Compared to where I used to live this is heaven; I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, my own toilet, a freaking awesome doona cover and a bread board that would deliver a helluva whack should I ever need to defend myself.

This is home, and no matter what anyone thinks of it, it’s a darn site better than living on the street :)

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll seize any opportunity to visit Narnia :p Plus, it’s kinda apt!


9 thoughts on “This is home…

  1. I like your home. It is white, and clean and quite a bit less cramped. And I love to visit Narnia, too. My dad had an exchange pastorate with a minister from a suburb of Melbourne when I was a child, and while I lived there, I learned of Narnia. So you have posted about two of my favorite places!


    • The whiteness of my home is something that bugs me. I guess real estates don’t like coloured walls like me (my favourite flat had a wonderful orange wall). I could probably do with a couple of paintings and posters to make the place feel more me. As for the cleaning; I’m quite anal about it, I wouldn’t quite say OCD, but certainly bordering on it :)

      I’ve been a fan of Narnia since the BBC adaptation in the late 1980s. After watching it my aunt brought me the book series as a birthday present and I devoured them in a matter of days :)


  2. so thankful that you have come this far! I enjoyed looking at your home.


    • Thanks. It’s not much, but for the time being it’s mine. I’m hoping to buy a bookshelf tomorrow (if I can find one reasonably priced), so am rather excited about that :)


  3. I thnk you place is nice. I like the roses and the awesome duvet color.


  4. Interestingly enough, as I was playing the video some footage on Hurricane Sandy and it’s effects on my hometown came up on the news. Made me want to cry…Aside from that, I understand what it’s like to be grateful for the home you have. My 1st apartment was no palace but I was happy to have it. It was my little sanctuary. Thank you for sharing.


  5. I like it that you have a couch facing a TV that does nothing. Think of all the imaginary movies you could watch sitting there :) I remember our first home. All our furniture was donated by family and friends – essentially crap they didn’t want.
    Our bed was the only thing we bought ($180 at a Garage Sale).
    We were given a large old TV with a faulty tube and it sat proudly on top of some milk crates we ‘borrowed’ from the back of our local shopping centre. The TV shows were always only in various shades of green (no other colour). Almost everything was old and broken, but as Dorothy says, “There is no place like Home”.

    It’s ironic really. Most the stuff we have now works and is quite new, but it is me who has become old and broken ;)


  6. I love this post!! It made me smile inside and out. I remember being homeless. I loved tiny spaces, stairwells in parking garages (they are warm when it is cold out) and quiet out of the way places. Finding the right spot can be hard, sleep does not come easy, and as a teen girl….it was pretty scary. I am so glad I don’t have to live that way anymore, I hope my kids never know what its like, I still cry when I see others struggling and have been known to occasionally leave anonymous care packages with warm things ie socks, warm blankets, backpacks, large garbage bags and crackers/evenergy bars and the like. I am very glad you don’t have to do that anymore either!! ((HUGS)) Proud of your accomplishments…and they are!! :)


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