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Ten years in Australia: #6. Melbourne vs Sydney

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This week marks the tenth anniversary of my arrival in Australia!

In celebration, throughout this week I will be sharing some of my favourite photographs of this great country.

For as long as I’ve been in Australia I’ve had to endure the perennial argument of ‘which is better, Melbourne or Sydney?’

To say I have become bored with this debate is an understatement. After all, both cities have their positive and negative aspects, both are ludicrously expensive, neither are better than Inverness and everyone knows Melbourne whips Sydney’s ass anyway!

And anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly living in denial.

So to end this argument once and for all, let’s ask some seagulls (whom we all know are the discerning critics of the sky) which city they prefer to hang out in?

Melbourne (Victoria) © Addy


Sydney (New South Wales) © Addy

So there we have it, the seagulls have spoken. At a whopping 6:1 ratio, Melbourne is by far the better city! End of debate.

Note: no seagulls were bribed with delicious chips in the taking of these photographs (as such actions would be incredibly unscientific!)


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