All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Saturday 9: Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Saturday 9 is a weekly blogging meme hosted by Crazy Sam Winters (she added the crazy, not me!).

Every Saturday there will be nine questions – sometimes they will be around a common theme, other times completely random – to be answered however we like.

1) Do you ever fantasize about flying, beyond the rainbow or anywhere else?

The only flying fantasies I’ve had generally come when I’m waiting in airport terminals. Not being one who enjoys being trapped in a metal cylinder for extended periods of time, having the ability to whizz across the world on my own accord would be a better solution for me.

Invisibility, telekinesis, teleportation? Well, they are an entirely different story :p

2) Do you think you have seen The Wizard of Oz more than 10 times?

I don’t think I have, I know I have. However it may appear to some I’ve always loved this movie, especially the Cowardly Lion, to whom I relate the most. I’ve also read all the books Baum wrote, am very fond of the 1980s movie Return to Oz, eager to see Sam Raimi‘s new film and would love the opportunity to see Wicked on stage.

Many years ago, I used to collect editions of Baum’s original book. From memory I had about 20 different editions; hardbacks, paperbacks, picture books, all spanning several decades. An odd collection, but for a literary lover, a common one.

One book I’ve always wanted to read Gregory Maguire‘s A Lion Among Men. Given I’ve read the first two books in his Oz series, it’s somewhat odd I’ve never read his novel about my favourite Oz character.

3) Which Wizard of Oz character would you most like to dress as for Halloween?

Given I related most to the Cowardly Lion, it would have to be him. Or Tick Tock, but he’s from Return to Oz.

Oooo, a Flying Monkey, I reckon I would make a kick ass awesome Flying Monkey!

4) What will Trick or Treaters get when they come to your front door?

They won’t. I guarantee you I will not get any trick or treaters knocking on my door. Although Halloween is on the increase in Australia, it is still nowhere near the level that it is in the US.

5) Did you ever TP a neighbor’s house or indulge in other acts of Halloween vandalism as a kid? (Don’t worry, that statute of limitations is up.)

I did TP several houses. We also used to put milk bottles on door handles (so when they opened the door gravity would take hold and…)

Other pranks included: spraying silly string over the house, windows and car; kidnapping garden gnomes and hiding them in obscure locations (and mostly naughty positions); hanging a fake spider in the doorway of a known arachnophobe so it would be in her face when she opened the door and, on one occasion, letting the air out of a particularly annoying neighbours car tyres.

I was the occasional brat when I was younger and probably got aware with far more than I should have done :p

I’m sorry, but Cowardly Lion is not something I think when I see this Oz inspired Halloween costume!

However, if anyone does any of this to my unit this year, Cranky Addy will be unleashed on the world – and that’s something no-one wants to see :)

6) Who annoys you more — people who never respond to your texts/emails, or those who never look up because they’re always checking their texts/emails?

Someone who never looks up from checking their texts/emails; it’s rude, annoying, arrogant and borderline narcissistic. Are you seriously so important that the person you’re responding to can’t wait for half and hour or so?

7) Who was the last person you hugged?

A woman I met on Thursday night. It was a wholly unfamiliar event as it’s been so long since my last hug I didn’t quite know what to do.

8) What two colors do you like to wear together?

I wear a lot of dark red and dark blue. In all honesty I’ve never really put much thought into colour combinations and tend to wear what I feel comfortable in. That said, I look absolutely hideous in: yellow, white and black.

9) Did your alarm clock wake you up this fine Saturday morning?

It did not. The sun blinding me through the open window woke me up this morning!


6 thoughts on “Saturday 9: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. Wicked is fantastic, we saw it a couple of years ago. I have never heard of the Maguire books, I will look him up.


  2. Love that you chose The Flying Monkeys, and that photo is priceless. I live in Chicago, where L. Frank Baum wrote the famous books. We’re very proud of him around here (and we should be — what an enduring saga).


  3. Oh wow! Those books and your collection sound interesting. Those flying monkey dogs are freaking adorable, but the monkeys always scared me as a kid.


  4. It’s a good thing you don’t have all of the commercial influences of Halloween….


  5. Hah, love that dog pic! Perfect. New follower from Saturday 9!

    -Heather – Private, just use contact to gain access


  6. Love that you thought of the flying monkeys. :)


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