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Thursday Thirteen: I am worth loving too

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Last week, boldkevin launched the ‘I am worth loving too’ challenge on his blog Voices of Glass.

“Get a pen and paper (or pull up a blank word file on your computer) and compile a list of songs which remind you how loved you are and/or remind you that you are worth loving.” [Read the full post]

So for today’s Thursday Thirteen I’m sharing sixteen of the songs that remind me I am worth loving because – quite frankly – I’m an amazing human being, even if I don’t see that most of the time!

Why sixteen songs for Thursday Thirteen, you ask?

Well, what CD these days doesn’t come with some bonus tracks? Beginning with the only tune that could open my compilation, courtesy of the single greatest moment in contemporary cinema history!

Applejack – The Triangles

Many years ago, this song used to play on community radio station 3RRR virtually every morning. Usually when my girlfriend was partaking in her daily yoga session. Thus, not only is it the happiest song in the history of music, it will always remind me of watching my girlfriend perform the downward dog every morning :p

I am the Doctor – Murray Gold

This piece of music defines the character more than any other theme in Doctor Who history. It is, quite simply, magnificent.

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

This song is a principal track on the soundtrack to my Inverness Chronicles and constantly reminds me of my imagination and creativity; two aspects of my personality that I am immensely proud of.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

A song that reminds me of good times whilst backpacking, good times whilst in a relationship and my love of creative cinema. If you haven’t seen it, just watch Shaun of the Dead; you won’t miss this song!

Victoria’s Secret – Jay Semko

Due South; a TV series I adore with a fiery passion. This track, featured in the episode ‘Victoria’s Secret’, scores quite possibly the greatest ten-minutes of television I have ever seen in my life.

Hearts of Olden Glory – Runrig

I have no words to describe my love of this song; nor how it endlessly reminds me of my love for my adopted homeland.

Stronger – Britney Spears

This song is one of the tracks that received heavy radio play whilst I in Vancouver at the beginning of my Canadian odyssey. Forever more it will remind me of my inner strength to beat down my fear of flying and my constant desire to push myself whenever I can.

The Song That Goes Like This

After breakdowns, assaults, mental health chaos, severe anxiety and a shedload of other painful crap…I still managed to find the confidence to see Spamalot during a weekend in London, 2008. This musical – and this song – fills me with immense joy.

John Simmers – Wolfstone

Whilst writing a very difficult scene (in which a character kills her sister in order to protect her daughter) I needed a simple piece of piano music that the sister is playing as her sister approaches from behind to commit the terrible act.

Like Somewhere Only We Know, this song will always remind me of my love of writing and my deepest passions.

Song from the Sixteenth Floor – Paul Kelly

A song that features heavily on the soundtrack of my first relationship, bringing back memories of stolen love-making sessions in my parent’s house, the long wait to come to Australia, and the joys of beginning anew in a foreign land. I cannot hear this song without thinking of the love Louise and I shared.

Georgia on my Mind – Ray Charles

Another piece that reminds me of my writing; in this instance writing the suicide of a principal character.

Australian Idol – Kate Miller-Heidke

Port Fairy Folk Festival…watching KMH with my parents during their visit in 2006…a time when I was happy and loved by my girlfriend and social network; all things I think of when hearing this song.

Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations

This is another song that reminds me of when I had a social network; in this instance, a random karaoke session in Inverness. It’s also a pretty awesome song that cannot fail to make you smile and sing along!

Bonus Track #1: Into My Arms – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Louise. Enough said.

Bonus Track #2: The Legend of Zelda (Orchestral Theme)

One of my favourite pieces of music of all time! If I’m feeling down, low, depressed or just not quite with it, playing any Zelda game lifts my mood and reminds me that from time to time we need to allow ourselves to enjoy things we love, regardless of how other people may view such activities.

One thought on “Thursday Thirteen: I am worth loving too

  1. Hi,
    Loved the post and it was great being able to listen to some of those songs again :)

    Really enjoyed the “Into my arms,” and the “Wolfstone” pieces.

    Many thanks for doing this and sharing it :)
    Kind Regards and God bless you.


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