All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

10 Secrets…


In a strange moment of decisive thinking I’ve called it quits on the 30 Day Challenge. Given that I missed days, skipped days and re-ordered days there’s no way I can call that endeavour a success, so rather than dwell on failure I’m immediately beginning a new challenge that will carry me through to the end of October.

Given that most of my big secrets have been revealed  over the years, all that are left are rather random…

1. When I was fourteen I stole £10 from my Dad’s wallet in order to purchase a video game.

2. I love – with an intense and fiery passion – the movie A Very Brady Sequel.

3. Yet, I have never seen an episode of The Brady Brunch.

4. I have never drunk an entire cup of coffee.

5.  I’ve had an (unrequited) crush on Lego Catwoman for the last four years!

6. I hated The Sixth Sense so much that upon exiting the cinema I loudly announced the ending to the entire queue waiting for the next screening of the film. They weren’t too happy about that :p

7. On the last day of school I hid a fish in the ceiling of a classroom knowing no-one would find it for months.

8. Whilst rushing to get ready for work one morning I put on my girlfriend’s underwear by mistake. Surprisingly comfortable they were too :p

9. I’ve never seen Casablanca.

 10. When I was sixteen I was still feeling guilty about stealing the £10 from my dad’s wallet two years earlier…so I slipped £20 into his wallet without telling him.

6 thoughts on “10 Secrets…

  1. I love your #10.

    I was unimpressed with “The Sixth Sense” too but the worst film ending ever was “The Portrait of a Lady” – which I remember being outraged at despite not being able to remember the ending OR the film itself.


  2. When I was 13, I stole an entire carton of cigarettes from my father. LOL.

    It’s unbelievable that you’ve never seen an episode of the Brady Bunch! This needs to be rectified immediately!

    I live on coffee. I can’t imagine what my life was like before it.

    Specifically Lego Catwoman?

    Who didn’t hate the Sixth Sense? And that reminds me of a secret I want to share. I accidentally announced that Santa wasn’t real while walking past a mall Santa. Ha ha ha!

    That fish thing was GRRREAT!!!! It’s way better than my four boxes of pencils in the drop ceiling.

    I hear a lot of people think that about women’s underwear.

    Never seen Casablanca? It’s okay. I’ve seen My Fair Lady enough times to make up for your lack of classical movies.

    That’s nice you did that for your father. I never did replace those cigarettes. But, I did later apologize for the parade of loser boyfriends over the years.


    • Before they were married, whenever my dad opened a new pack of cigarettes my mum would steal and hide them from him . Thus forcing him to buy a new pack…and another…until he couldn’t afford to buy any more and eventually stopped smoking as a result. After they got married she then gave him all his half smoked boxes of cigarettes as a present, which he no longer wanted to smoke. Possibly the best – and most creatively devious – way to get someone to stop smoking I’ve ever heard :)

      I hereby promise to seek out The Brady Bunch at the first opportunity. It’s not the only one btw…have also never seen a single episode of I Love Lucy or M.A.S.H!

      Lego Poison Ivy is kinda cute but Lego Supergirl looks like Lego Superman in a blonde wig. For some reason it’s just Lego Catwoman; especially in her classic purple costume :p

      I’m gonne rememnber that Santa trick this Chritmas :)

      I’ve met many people who worship The Sixth Sense. And they think I’m insane!

      As for Casablanca – it’s actually one of the few classic movies I’ve never seen (quite a big fan of them). I LOVE My Fair Lady – one of my favourite Hepburn movies :)


      • OMG, no M.A.S.H.? I can’t imagine my childhood without it! It was my Pappap’s favorite TV show. Every time I would visit, there would be some kind of M.A.S.H. marathon on. And I remember asking my Pappap, “Why is that man in a dress?” He just didn’t have an answer for me. All he could say was, “Well, he’s playing dress up to be different from the other guys.” It still baffled me until my own father explained it to me later on in life.

        The Santa thing was actually a lot funnier than it should have been. In a way, I felt like that kid at school that spoils Christmas for everyone by making that announcement.

        Worship the Sixth Sense? WTH?! Not Bruce Willis’ best. And I love Bruce Willis!

        My husband adores Audrey Hepburn. I forget what the other one is called, but it’s about a typist or something of the sort. I just couldn’t get through it. Sometimes, older movies are harder for me to follow. Often times, my husband makes me watch old foreign films. Those are the ones that are the most interesting because of the huge cultural difference. What kid is actually allowed to run away with their parents confident that their child will eventually come home? And what kid gets the idea to get trashed off of wine and smoke cigars? I mean a kid, not a teenager!


  3. I love #6… fabulous! Made me laugh (an evil little laugh but a laugh none the less!).


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