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I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Day #7: What did you eat today? (Not really a question to ask someone living in poverty if you want a happy answer!)


English: Fish and chips in Ireland

Yes…I am a masochist! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day seven of the ’30 Day Blog Challenge’ sees a question that you really shouldn’t ask someone living in poverty if you want a happy answer.

In fact, if this blog were a motion picture, just after that question was asked would be a moment of silence followed by a tumbleweed rolling slowly across the screen. You see, for those who missed it, I am one of the 2,265,000 who live in poverty (academics, until you’ve experienced poverty, you can take your ‘relative poverty’ and feed it to the starfish) which means I don’t always have the luxury of eating on a daily basis.

My food budget is what some people spend on coffee and pastries every day and although I do my level best to make it stretch through the week, sometimes it’s just not possible to do this.

Thus my food intake for the day has been zip, zilch, nada, nothing. Unless you count air, I did have a nice couple of mouthfuls of hearty air.

So to say I’m looking forward to silencing the growling belly demon when I get my Newstart Allowance tomorrow would be an understatement!

In the meantime, whilst you’re munching down a sandwich or enjoying your Friday Fish and Chips, I urge you to read the best article I have read all week on the subject of poverty; Walk a mile in someone else’s battered shoes… (via The Punch) and then, if you can handle them, read the comments – most of which illustrate the writer’s point perfectly and echo the same uninformed judgemental statements I’ve heard over the last five years.

And people wonder why it’s so difficult for someone to fight their way out of poverty?

3 thoughts on “Day #7: What did you eat today? (Not really a question to ask someone living in poverty if you want a happy answer!)

  1. wow, I’n sorry. They don’t have a food stamp or other kind of help where you are? (((hugs)))


  2. Thanks for your honesty.. I hope more people see this posting.

    A lot of people right now are using the food bank, which should be available in most major cities. There isn’t a lot of qualifying, just providing proof of address, and signing up. They ask you how many people are in your family. If you need more information, please write to me and I’ll find out everything I can for you..



  3. Addy this sounds really tough. Sorry you’re in this position :(


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