All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

7 People I hate…

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a) I’ve spent the better part of the day (since 7am) writing a long, intimate and occasionally upsetting blog post.
b) I have a stinking headache that paracetamol is doing little to combat.
c) It’s been a long and stressful weekend at the end of a long and stressful week (I’ll extrapolate tomorrow)
d) The pilot light on my hot water system doesn’t seem to want to light so I can’t even have a hot shower to calm me down (grr!)

I’m not exactly in the most focussed of moods, so apologies if this entry in the challenge lacks my usual verve, style and panache (!?)

It doesn’t help that:

a) I’d completely forgotten about it


b) I hate the word ‘hate’ with a fiery and intense passion.

It is such a ludicrously strong word that I don’t think applies to anyone I’ve ever known. Many would think I hate my abuser, but I don’t. Some would think I hate my rapist, but I don’t. In both cases I hate what they did and the fact I allowed them to do it, but never them.

I don’t want to hate anyone.

I choose to focus on the beautiful things about people.

But, to answer the question like a dutious student of the blogosphere, I will share seven people I dislike.

1. [Insert name of a reality television show producer of your choice here]

The closest thing to hate is my feeling toward reality television. In my entire life I can think of only one reality show I’ve ever enjoyed and one I convinced myself I enjoyed for dubious reasons. So – aside from the producers of Castaway 2000 and whomever decided to hire the NSW girls for the 2011 season of My Kitchen Rules (they were awesome!) – I nominate every single producer of every other reality television show.

For the love of everything you choose to believe in, can we just get back to making interesting, creative, inspiring television instead of flooding our screens with would be singers/dancers/musicians/wankers who everyone will forget four and half minutes after the finale, please?

2. Russell Brand

I don’t find him funny, I don’t find him smart, I don’t think he’s a good actor. I know a lot of people love him and want to have his babies, but I don’t.

3. Elvis Presley

Ooooo, controversial…told you I wasn’t with it tonight! Look, I get he is universally loved, I get that his music was hugely inspirational, I get that for some reason people enjoy dressing up in white jump suits and going uhhhuhuh in a deep voice, but I just don’t like him. I’m not a fan of his music, I don’t like his movies (bar a couple of scenes) and the whole Elvis thing in general just annoys me.

4. Alan Jones

If you’re outside Australia and unaware of this shining beacon of humanity (this is obvious sarcasm) be very glad! Alan Jones recently declared to an audience of young Liberals that Prime Minister Julia Gillard‘s father died of shame as a result of her lies. He has also in the past stated that she should be stuffed into a chaff bag and dumped at sea, that women are ‘destroying the joint’ as well as a litany of other misogynistic, grotesque statements that are absolutely abhorrent in every way shape or form.

5. Paul McCartney

For one reason and one reason only; he wrote the Frog Song (We All Stand Together), which every few weeks gets stuck in my head and drives me completely insane! The only track worse for getting stuck in my head is that damned Crazy Frog. In fact, to save yourself, avoid all music with ‘frog’ in the title!

6. (Some of) My hallucinations

They’re real to me, okay? Some of the voices are people I’ve known in the past (take a bow, my abuser) whilst some are complete figments of my overactive occasionally psychotic mind. To be told constantly that you are the most pathetic excuse of humanity is exhausting, to have voices encourage you to self-harm and/or kill yourself is beyond exhausting. I know people will think me crazy if I talk about hearing voices but it’s a real part of my illness that’s both destructive and frightening.

Only two of the voices I hear are positive, unfortunately I don’t hear them as often as the vicious and cruel ones :(

7. Stephanie Meyer

There are two reasons why I dislike Stephanie Meyer.

One, she inflicted the Twilight series on us. All credit to her for writing a hugely successful multi-book series that millions of people seem to like. But I don’t. I don’t like the characters. I don’t like the plot. I don’t like the messages. I don’t like the writing. I don’t like anything about it!

Two, if it wasn’t for her writing Twilight, the world would not have had Fifty Shades of Fucking Grey inflicted on it! It isn’t an understatement to say that upon beginning this book I was tempted to gouge my eyes out with a spoon to prevent me reading any further (I can’t stop reading a book once I’ve started it) and if I’d had the money I would have paid for a dominatrix to thrash the living daylights out of me for subjecting myself to such unmitigated, poorly written, atrociously stereotyped garbage in the first place!

Okay. Maybe there is one thing in the world that I hate :p

Until tomorrow, where I hope my headache has gone and I’m a little more focussed, have a wonderful day/night :)

Tomorrow: 6 Things I can’t live without…



One thought on “7 People I hate…

  1. I made the mistake of playing “we all stand together” because I wasn’t sure if I knew it, now its stuck in my head.. oh well that’s what I get for my curiosity lol. As for the rest of your post (minus the Alan Jones (ill have to look him up now[once again my curiosity strikes]) because I havent heard of him until this), I completely agree with you


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