All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

11 Things in my room…


My fourth post today, part of me feels like I should apologise, but I’m not going to. So tired of apologising for everything, especially when this one is going to be nice and quick. You see, I live a very frugal life – not by choice, you understand – because of homelessness and the Australian government‘s obsession with entrenching the mentally ill into a lifetime of poverty that they will never escape from.

Thus, in thinking about what I would be listing I realised I don’t think I have eleven things in the unit, let alone in the one room!

So, what do we have?

1. My computer

Not long after moving into my unit the counselling service I use phoned me up and asked if I would like a free desktop PC. Umm, duh! It took a while to locate a Windows XP disc (as the system is too old to handle anything more advanced) and when I play DVDs the sound/vision lag makes it look like everything I watch is a badly dubbed movie but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. After all, this computer is pretty much the only thing that keeps me alive.

2. A two-seater sofa (with one broken seat)

A freebie from St. Vincent’s not long after I moved in as I had no furniture and couldn’t afford any (like I said, the Australian Government intrenches poverty). It looks like a reject from a 1970s porn movie.

3. A table (hexagonal)

Another furniture freebie from St. Vincent’s. It has my computer on it and it too, looks like it’s come from a 70s porn movie. Noticing a trend?

4. Two chairs

Again, St. Vincent’s. This time I think we’ve moved from 70s porn to 1980s porn. After sitting on them for one hour your arse is so sore it feels like you’ve been riding a bike for seventeen days. So if you like having a sore arse, they’re good chairs to have, if you don’t…well, beggars can’t be choosers!

5. A fridge

It cost me $50 – which took three weeks to save up for. It’s ancient, noisy, the seals are broken and it has a habit of leaking water around the whole flat. But without it I wouldn’t be able to cool water and keep my tofu chilled, so it’s rather necessary.

6. A radio (branded with a Wiggles caricature)

Again, St. Vincent’s. Sometimes I talk to the presenter as if they can hear me. I think this is more loneliness than mental health.

7. Three photos

1. Of my mum, dad and nephew.
2. Of my brother, sister-in-law and nephew.
3. One of ‘Hostel Takeover’ (i.e. the one Impressionist artist Mr. Pho Toscape did a version of at the bottom of this post, only an actual photo)

Paris When It Sizzles


8. Six DVDs from the library

1. Frasier: Season 2
2. Frasier: Season 3
3. Frasier: Season 4
4. Frasier: Season 8
5. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
6. Paris When it Sizzles


9. A television

It doesn’t work. Again, this was a freebie, but I have no areal on the house and every indoor/amplified/outdoor one I purchased didn’t find any signal so it just sits there, teasing me with a world of news, adventure and sexy shenanigans that I can’t access. Grrr!

10. A Nintendo DS

Which I only got this week, as my mother kindly sent me hers to give me something to do to kill the mind-numbing boredom.

And…desperately trying to come up with an eleventh so I can complete the task…umm…oh…OH…would that count?

11. Me

Do I count as a thing? I’m going to say yes so I can end this embarrassing post and move on to something more fun tomorrow!

However much I hate the sparse, uninspiring surrounds that I live in, however embarrassed I am that at thirty-three this is all I have in the world, this time last year I was sleeping in a park and approaching a suicide attempt. So, more than most, I am incredibly thankful for the roof I have and the few meagre possessions I own because I know what it’s like to have nothing.

Frasier loves hand knit socks too

Note: This is NOT my cat, again, a rather wonderful Zemanta suggestion because the cat is named Frasier [and loves hand knit socks too] (Photo credit: catseatsocks)

 Tomorrow: 10 People I can’t live without…oh joy!

2 thoughts on “11 Things in my room…

  1. I’m currently sitting in a car, half an hour into a four hour drive.

    I’m surrounded by an embarrassing number of “things”:

    1. Not one but two boxes of Kleenex.
    2. On my lap, a large thick plastic bag inside which is my pillow, inside whose pillowcase is the blanket I can’t sleep without.
    3. Another blanket rolled up behind my back.
    4. Three waterproof jackets (one for each person in the car). Autumn in northern Ontario is colourful but soggy.
    5. One small cooler containing lunch.
    6. One large cooler containing, I’m told, approximately half the food that will feed six people this weekend.
    7. My duffle bag.
    8. My Dad’s duffle bag.
    9. My Dad himself and his girlfriend.
    10. An Alice in Wonderland reusable shopping bag containing my water bottle and the makings for rice Krispy squares, some pita chips and a bottle of ambrosia (commonly sold as Pepsi)
    11. A bag containing three thick paperbacks, two magazines and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Just a slice of my life to share :)

    I hadn’t realised that the subject of each post was predetermined by someone other than you.


  2. We all get attached to our “things”..even if intellectually we realize those things can be taken away or disappeared in the blink of an eye…the rich get richer, the poor get poorer..but has it ever been different in the history of humanity? Will the Illuminati Elite finally get their long-sought New Eden, with them as Gods upon Earth?


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