All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

12 Facts about me…


You’d think this would be an easy post to write. Of all the topics I’ve covered – mental health, gender discrimination, abuse, rape, homelessness, sadomasochism, current affairs, isolation – you’d have thought writing twelve measly facts about me would be a piece of the proverbial urine.

However, given I only recently wrote 100 facts about me, trying to come up with twelve new ones is much harder than I’d thought. I do after all live alone, have no friends, no life and in the five years I’ve been writing about my pointless* existence have pretty much covered everything.

So…for the fourteenth attempt today…let’s see if I can come up with twelve new interesting facts:

01. I was the editor of my school’s newspaper.
02. I once saved a baby possum from being attacked by an angry crow.
03. On one occasion I predicted my girlfriend would get her period because of how she tasted. She thought I was insane as her period wasn’t due for weeks and hated admitting I was right the following morning.
04. I’ve never understood why Australians have never embraced Prawn Cocktail crisps.
05. At various points in my life I’ve been told I look like John Lennon, Jesus, Kevin Rudd and Kurt Cobain.
06. I have suffered black outs since July 2007; the longest being several weeks, the last earlier this year.
07. Currently, I can only focus on any one thing for a maximum of one minute before the voices begin. Given I’ve been trying to write this post for seventy-two minutes, things are getting a bit noisy!
08. It is becoming harder and harder to control my triggers. Even the smallest things are setting me off nowadays!
09. I physically, mentally and emotionally cannot remember what it is like to be hugged.
10. I don’t know how much longer I can take being alone. Four and a half years is long enough, isn’t it?
11. When I look at old photos of myself I immediately start crying because I can’t imagine ever being that happy again.
12. I love honeydew melons.

*: as you can see, my self-esteem posts are working a treat! It may not look like it, but I really am trying :)

December 4/31 Wire

No reason for this, just a Zemanta suggested photo that I thought rather nice :)

Tomorrow: 11 Things in my room


11 thoughts on “12 Facts about me…

  1. Well….I’m not much of a hugger, to be honest, but every time I read one of your posts I kind of give you a spiritual hug. You remind me of a combination of myself and my husband, which is kind of odd, but not in a bad way. It sort of makes me wish I could wrap you up and protect you, which is pretty inappropriate no matter how you look at it. But there it is.


  2. Yes, physical contact is a powerful emotional force…


  3. Sending good thoughts your way–and a virtual hug!


  4. How did you save the Possum?


    • One morning in 2009, quite early into my homelessness, I was sitting in my park in the pre-dawn hours when I heard a noise unlike anything I’d heard before.

      Looking around I saw a baby possum dashing across the park being pursued by a crow, it was swoooping down and pecking at the possum’s tail and I could see some blood coming from the possum – so I picked up my bag and heaved it toward the crow (in hindsight I could probably have found something easier to throw) but the shock of having a backpack thrown at it caused the crow to fly away long enough for me to get between it and the possum so the wee thing could dash up a tree and hide in the foiliage.

      I just couldn’t bare to see the nasty crow assaulting the vulnerable possum so felt I had to do something.

      Postscripts: A couple of mornings later I saw the possum again and it looked like his tail was healing and he was doing okay :)


      • Aww that’s good. Now reread your reply to me thinking, as I had, that you had saved the possum from a cow! How on earth does a cow peck at a possum & what kind of slow arse possum can not our tun a cow.

        It was only just now I see it was Crow! :D


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