All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Sunday Stealing: Je n’ai aucun ami


Sunday Stealing originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes.

1. Ever been given or received an engagement ring?

Generally men aren’t on the receiving end of an engagement ring, so I’ve never been given one. I did purchase one once upon a time (imported from Scotland) when my girlfriend and I decided to get married. Only she decided she didn’t want to get married (giving the flimsiest of excuses) before I had the chance to give it to her.

2. Longest relationship?

Other than the one with myself? That would be Louise, aka who I purchased the ring for.

3. Last gift you received?

December 2008, a bottle of whisky as a Christmas present. I only got to drink one glass of it before having to leave it behind as I wasn’t allowed to take it on a plane. Wow, four years since someone bought me a present, geez, that makes me feel spectacularly loved that does!

4. Ever dropped a mobile phone?

Yep. Many times. Never once down a toilet though, I reserve that annoyance for MP3 players and iPods.

5. When’s the last time you worked out?

Yesterday. Had planned on a run this morning but anxiety took over so had to cancel my plans.

6. Thing(s) you spend a lot of money on?

Bills. Energy prices in Australia are completely and utterly insane. They’re rendering people homeless, forcing people to choose between medication and electricity, creating countless health problems as people can’t afford heating and yet no-one seems to care.

7. Last food you ate?

Rice. Purchased 2kg of rice for $2 yesterday – a good thing given I had yet another electricity bill arrive on Friday so if I hadn’t found such a bargain I probably wouldn’t have much to eat this week. So sick of the ‘poverty line’!

8. First thing you notice about the opposite sex?

Eyes. Always the eyes. The eyes tell you everything you need to know.

9. One favorite song?

10. Where do you live?

I had to leave my “home” in Melbourne after numerous assaults and the ludicrous rental market, so now I live in country Victoria and have done for nearly a year. I feel ten times more isolated than I did when in Melbourne and given I’m already socially isolated, this isn’t a good thing as it severely reduces my chances of getting a life back. If I could move back to Melbourne, I would, in a heartbeat, but I really don’t want to be sleeping in a park again.

11. High school attended:

A random comprehensive school in South Wales. It was a bit of a dive and never encouraged artistic pursuits. I’d rather not think about it.

12. Cell phone provider:

Huh? Why? What possible reason would anyone have to be interested in this?

13. Favorite shop:

I rarely if ever go shopping as I have no money and there’s only so much joy you can acquire from ‘window shopping’. My favourite shops used to be: Polyester Music, Polyester Books, Book Affair, Grub Street Bookstore and a plethora of odd little laneway places in Melbourne.

14. Longest job:

Homelessness. If you think it’s not a job, you try it for three years. Guarantee I work harder than you do!

15. Do you own a smart phone? Why?

I’ve never even held a smart phone let alone owned one. I would love to own one, but alas that pesky ‘poverty line’ keeps getting drawn.

16. Do you prank call people?

Nope. Never. Does that make me boring?

17. Last wedding you attended?

My brothers. I was an usher, and looked totally edible in my kilt!

18. First friend you’d call if you won the lottery:

Je n’ai aucun ami! However, I already know what four not-for-profit organisation would receive hefty donations if I won the lottery, so I’d probably just call them.

19. Last time you saw your best friend(s)

2008. I fucked up.

20. Favorite fast food Restaurant:

I hate fast food. I really do. But if I had to choose one it would be Subway because (a) Omelette + Sandwich = Heaven (b) they’re healthier than McVomit and Crappy Jacks (c) it reminds me of the first time I ate them during a beautiful week in Canada and (d) you can have as much salad as you want :)



11 thoughts on “Sunday Stealing: Je n’ai aucun ami

  1. I’m Canadian! Naturally The last answer is the best! Happy Sunday!


    • Thanks for your comment :) I miss Canada a lot. For some reason Subways in Australia have never tasted as good as the Subways I ate in Canada. Hope you had a great weekend.


  2. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear of your misfortunes.


  3. my first thought about question #1 was that it’s basically asking the same thing twice…

    another Yay! from Canada here :)


    • I was a bit confused myself with the first question – I would have just left out the word ‘been’ – but perhaps they meant received as being ‘proposed to’ whilst been given being ‘could you hold onto this engagement ring whilst I build up the confidence to propose to my partner as I’m scared I’ll drop it down the loo or accidentally feed it to the dog’ :)

      Another Canadian…you’re all making me seriously miss that great land I loved so much :)


  4. I love the Subway sandwich too. Sorry about your misfortune.m


  5. The thought of dropping my iPod in the toilet literally made me wince. And I’m glad you wore your kilt with confidence! :)


  6. Lance –

    The four legged children are normally better than the two legged ones. Probably because the two legged ones have my genes.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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