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I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Always celebrate the small victories

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Take it from someone who knows, depression sucks! When those feelings of worthlessness and despair overwhelm you even the things you love most fail to bring any pleasure. In these times, it’s important to celebrate the small victories rather than wallow in the large failures.

This weekend – courtesy of chance and hard bloody work – I experienced the most relaxing and happy two days in living memory.

Eight small victories I celebrated this weekend (in no particular order)

1. Whip-Lash

Whilst perusing a charity shop on Saturday morning I performed a double-take so great I’m still suffering from whiplash. Normally, a double-take of this magnitude is reserved for Vanessa Hudgens or Audrey Hepburn, not a DVD gathering dust in a charity shop. But when the title in question was Lost in Time such an action was warranted.

For those not familiar with this title, let me explain. Lost in Time is a DVD released by the BBC under their Doctor Who range. Back in the 1960s and 70s the BBC, in all their astute wisdom, decided to destroy hundreds of episodes of Doctor Who. In the days before video and DVD they believed they wouldn’t be needed anymore so chucked them in a fiery inferno! Fortunately, this practice was stopped but not before the loss of dozens of classic moments in television history!

Lost in Time is a three disc DVD that collects eighteen of the episodes that exist from these lost stories, as well as a plethora of commentaries, documentaries and exciting special features.

And I found it in a charity shop – unscratched – for $1!

2. I Still Hate Running

Following my rather chaotic previous attempt at running I had vowed to never do it again. But, like Sean Connery discovered, never say never again. For this Saturday, fuelled by insomnia, I slipped on my short shorts and went for a mad dash around the backstreets and abandoned railways in a valiant attempt to get my arse back in shape.

Fortunately, there was no blood lost this time, so…small victory!

3. Sucker Punch

I’ve wanted to see this film for years, and this weekend, I watched it. It has Vanessa Hudgens in it. Cue happy face :)

4. Coconut Rice

Given I rarely have any money I eat a lot of rice. Usually it’s just a big plate of rice. If I’m lucky, I may be able to scrape together a few vegetables. If I’m really lucky, I get to have tofu. This weekend I found a pack of organic tofu in the discount section of my supermarket. This, combined with a tin of coconut milk from the food back, meant I could create a delicious coconut rice with tofu and stir-fried vegetable dish for my dinner.

Certainly beat the bowl of gravy I had on Wednesday last week!

5. Well somebody’s never been to Scotland!

Oh Steven Moffat, how dare you write a line that makes me smile whenever I think of it! How am I supposed to wallow if I have a magic sentence that immediately puts a smile on my face?

For those who don’t know, this was a beautifully timed, magnificently delivered line in the series 7 premiere of Doctor Who – further cementing my opinion that Karen Gillan is one of the best actresses currently working today.

6. Raspberry Blancmange

On Saturday, I wrote a short story called Raspberry Blancmange. The first fiction I’ve written for a very long time. Perhaps, once I’ve edited it, I’ll post it for all to read.

7. Socializing

Not only have I resumed Tweeting, as promised, I have also restarted using a social network that I hope will get me talking to other people again.

8. Spanking my anxiety

Following my abandoned series on anxiety last week I made it clear I freak out about leaving comments on websites. On the rare occasions that I do leave a comment it’s usually several days later when I’m reasonably sure no-one will read it.

On Sunday, I wrote and posted a comment on the day an article was published. For about three and a half minutes I rode an ‘anxiety, get ye to the corner’ high before beginning to freak out over what I’d done.

But for those three and a half minutes, the world was my mini-giraffe!

Today’s 365 Day Challenge prompt was : what did you do this weekend?

I’ve just told you what I did, but what about you? What small victories did you celebrate this weekend?

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