All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

005. What would you change about the world?


Be the change...

Be the change…

Okay 365 Day Blog Challenge, if you’re not going to try to inject some fun into your all-too-serious prompts than I guess I will have to!

Now, dear readers, I would like you to remember what it was like to be at school.

No, not what it was like crushing on the hot girl/guy with the cute smile and even cuter posterior.

Nope, not what it was like sitting outside the principal/headmaster’s office wondering what punishment your nefarious mischief had brought upon you.

Nah, not even what it was like when the teacher wheeled in the giant 1970s style television and Betamax VCR to show you a random 1980s television show no-one had ever heard of.

I want you to imagine how you felt when the teacher announced “pop quiz” and you wanted to run screaming from the room because instead of reading the appropriate chapter you’d spent the evening talking to your best mate about the mischievous incident involving the giant 1970s style television that you committed only to impress the hot girl/guy with the cute smile and even cuter posterior that resulted in you sitting outside the principals office.

Only this is a lot more fun.

Below you will see six photographs depicting aspects of myself that I’ve received multiple insults for over the years. These insults have come from strangers, “friends” and people who claimed to love me; people whom I was in relationships with (!)

All you have to do is match the aspect with the insults.

For example, the picture:

would be a match with the statement:
‘Over being overweight I have been called “lazy”, “worthless”, “hopeless”, “unmotivated”, “sickening”, “grotesque” and “evil“.’

The Aspects of my Personality

The Insults

(1) Over ___________ I have been called: “disgusting”, “wrong”, “disturbed”, “sick”, “pathetic”, “abhorrant”, “twisted”, “perverted” and “evil“.

(2) Over ___________ I have been called: “pathetic”, “weak”, “waste of space”, “deserving”, “wrong”, “worthless”, “un-masculine” and “evil

(3) Over ___________ I have been called: “lazy”, “wrong”, “worthless”, “uneducated”, “feral”, “useless”, “unmotivated” and “evil

(4) Over ___________ I have been called: “crazy”, “insane”, “fucked up”, “psychotic”, “un-masculine”, “bizarre”, “liar”, “contagious” and “evil“.

(5) Over ___________ I have been called: “lazy”, “useless”, “worthless”, “a waste of space”, “feral”, “un-necessary”, “insane”, “unmotivated”, “smelly”, “pathetic”, “liar” and “evil

(6) Over ___________ I have been called: “a twat”, “a moron”, “a buffoon”, “pathetic”, “uneducated” and “evil

Now, I’ll give you the answers later, but I guess you’re wondering what this has to do with anything.

It’s simple, for today’s prompt I had to choose something I want to change about the world.

I could easily have chosen “to end homelessness”, “to eliminate the stigma of mental health” or “to eradicate abuse” as these are all valid changes that need to be made.

But I realised that each of these three share one thing in common, and that is what I want to see changed. What in fact I’ve believed since childhood needs to be changed.

It doesn’t matter what we look like, how we think or how much or little education we have. Our sexuality is not something we should be ashamed of or seek to change for the acceptance of others. Neither should we only watch certain television programmes to meet the approval of the masses.

This endless desire to ensure everyone conforms to what is considered ‘normal’ is what I want to see changed. I want discrimination, in all forms, to be wiped from the face of the earth.

How much better would this world be if your skin colour just didn’t matter to anyone?

How much peace could be achieved if we just accepted all religions?

How much could we accomplish if we focussed on working together rather than accumulating wealth for personal gain?

Gender, race, colour, sexual proclivity, wealth, education, taste; all those aspects that an -ism can be attached to are – essentially – meaningless.

I’m tired of the endless debate over same-sex marriage; if you love someone then you should have the right to marry them.

I’m tired of hearing about what woman can and cannot do; if you’re a woman, you can do whatever the hell you want to do and no man should ever make you feel that you cannot.

I’m tired of the disparity between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians; we are all human, and our rights should be the same.

I’m tired of people who weren’t able to access tertiary education over health, financial or geographic concerns being treated as second-class citizens.

I’m tired of the homeless being treated as sub-human animals and the mentally ill as violent, untrustworthy criminals.

I hate discrimination.


Gandhi once said “be the change you wish to see in the world” and for the majority of my life I’ve tried to follow this whenever I can. I’ve never bullied anyone, criticised them over meaningless things or insulted their choices in life. I’ve never tweeted criticisms to strangers because I don’t like how they looked or sounded on television. I’ve never belittled or blamed those I love over their weight, height, skin-colour or life choices.

Through my life I’ve tried to treat others the way I wished to be treated. I’ve accepted people for who they are, gazed beyond the flaws to seek out the beauty within, and it is that beauty I focus on and nothing else. I’ve tried to help people achieve their dreams rather than smashing them to smithereens.

Perhaps I’m being grandiose in my dreams and should think less lofty thoughts. Maybe I should have written of my desire to change the world by getting rid of pears because I just don’t like them. Or how I want to see a major change in the political debate in Australia.

But when it comes down to it, these discriminate against pear lovers and those who enjoy lack-lustre uninspiring political leaders so I’m going to stick with my ambitious nature and strive for a world free of discrimination.

A world where we can all accept each other for who are in our hearts.

What about you? What would you like to change in this world? Would your change be as grandiose as mine, or something more mudane? I’d love to know…

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The Answers
(bet you thought I’d forgotten, hadn’t you!)

(1) Over an aspect of my sexuality I have been called: “disgusting”, “wrong”, “disturbed”, “sick”, “pathetic”, “abhorrant”, “twisted”, “perverted” and “evil“.

(2) Over being the victim of emotional abuse I have been called: “pathetic”, “weak”, “waste of space”, “deserving”, “wrong”, “worthless”, “un-masculine” and “evil

(3) Over my lack of tertiary education I have been called: “lazy”, “wrong”, “worthless”, “uneducated”, “feral”, “useless”, “unmotivated” and “evil

(4) Over my mental illness(es) I have been called: “crazy”, “insane”, “fucked up”, “psychotic”, “un-masculine”, “bizarre”, “liar”, “contagious” and “evil“.

(5) Over my homelessness I have been called: “lazy”, “useless”, “worthless”, “a waste of space”, “feral”, “un-necessary”, “insane”, “unmotivated”, “smelly”, “pathetic”, “liar” and “evil

(6) Over my love of Doctor Who I have been called: “a twat”, “a moron”, “a buffoon”, “pathetic”, “uneducated” and “evil

The reason I bolded the insult evil in each of those is because I’ve always found it interesting that everything about me has, at some point in time, been blamed on me being the spawn of Satan.

I fail to see how I was evil for being the victim of emotional abuse. Perhaps because to some only evil people end up being abused, although in my experiences, it’s the exact opposite.

I also fail to see how I am evil for loving a television program that has been running for nearly fifty years and is universally loved by millions of people the world over.

How does loving a television show make me evil? Please, I’d love to know…

2 thoughts on “005. What would you change about the world?

  1. you have been created for big things! despite what many have said you are not evil! i wish there was more love and less judgement in this world too…though i doubt it will ever be.


  2. This is a lovely post and very powerful. Thank you for the link ;-) You are none of what others have labeled you as, so know that. My wish for the world is that everyone would treat themselves, and others, with love and kindness. That’s my never ending prayer…


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