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Self Harm: Distractions and Coping Tips

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Following on from my brief list about ways to distract yourself from self-injuring, here are some more ideas of things you can try:

1. An Emergency Box
This is an awesome idea I came across whilst browsing the net one day…and no, it’s not another name for a first aid kit! It’s a box you can whip out in an emergency chock full of happy, fun and exciting things which you can look at to distract yourself from all those self harm urges.

Get yourself a shoe box, gift box, cardboard box, cereal box and cram it full of:

  1. Photos of family, loved ones, friends, pets…etc…
  2. Crossword Puzzles, word searches, suduko puzzles…
  3. CDs of relaxing music…
  4. A small journal with pens, colouring pencils and crayons…
  5. Letters from family, loved ones, friends, pets…etc…
  6. A list of reasons not to self harm…
  7. Pictures and magazine clippings you like…
  8. Chocolate :p

Basically anything which, upon ripping open that box will make you smile and laugh and feel all gooey inside enough to eradicate those evil self-harm ideas from your head. You see once you’ve got that box in place you can then let others know about it, friends and family who are helping you cope, then this way they can…

  1. Hide letters in there which you don’t know about…
  2. Secreat little presents in there…
  3. Fill it with your favourite candy or sweets…

So then whenever you feel like self harming you can actually end up feeling pretty good instead.

2. Join an online forum or support group
There are numerous online forums out there who offer online support for people at times of crisis: DepressioNet and Psyke.Org are two examples. There are more examples in the links list on the right hand side of the page, or if you are a Facebook fiend, check out this list of groups you can join.

These groups and forums are full of people who have been in exactly the same situation as you so they can help and support you no matter what sort of mood you’re in.

3. Go to the Psyke forum and read the post “The Vagina Game”
It’ll make you laugh your ass off and dispel any thought of self harm – then see if you can come up with any of your own.

4. Spank the Monkey!
No, not that! Naughty people, what goes on in your minds sometimes! Go “spank the monkey” …go on…you know you want to!
(Not content with that…fine! Go be kinky! But however addictive it may be, I’m not endorsing this one :p)

5. Dance!

6. Addict yourself to the iThink application.
It’s on Facebook, so you’ll need an account there. Share your opinions and go crazy with comments, it’s bloody addictive. Then add me as a friend and see how similar our opinions are!

7. Pick up the phone and phone a friend!

8. Do a survey!
Here are some ones to start you off.
Distraction Survey #1: Random Fun
Distraction Survey #2: 119 Things About Me
Distraction Survey #3: 50 Random Questions
Distraction Survey #4: More Random Fun

9. Draw on yourself!
Grab some felt tips, pens, magic markers and go crazy by drawing all sorts of funky awesome piccies on your body. Got a boyfriend or girlfriend, strip ’em and draw on them! Get them to drw on you! Drawing on yourself or consensual drawing with a partner is so much better than SI.

10. Write a list of things that might help curb those SI tendencies…
…and then post it as a highly enlightening blog post in the hope to inspire other people :p

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