All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

What is your favourite movie/TV show thatportrays mental illness in a postive light?


OK all you quiet little peeps…let’s start getting those comments in :)

At the bottom of each post there is a little thing that says “XX Comments” – with XX being the number of comments received for each post. If you’re shy (or hey, suffer from S.A.D) you don’t even have to leave your name, but I’m sure happiness and good feelings will follow if you do.

To get you all used to it, here’s a question you can practice with.

What is you favourite movie/TV show that portrays mental illness in a positive light?

When I get 10 comments I will post my answer.

[And hey, I will knowif they’re all from the same person :p]

4 thoughts on “What is your favourite movie/TV show thatportrays mental illness in a postive light?

  1. my all time favourite tv programme was fiction – taking over the asylum and factual stephen Fry talking about bi-polar disorder (cant remember the actual title)


  2. The best programme ever made about mental ill health was the BBC TV prog “Taking over the Asylum” starring none other than the man – David Tennant (a very young unheard of David Tennant. Dispite winning awards it has never been released on Video or DVD – WHY?The BBc had made an earlier show called “Inside Out” which was nowhere as good and disappeared without trace. Film wise the obvious many people think of is “One flew over the Cuckoos nest” which although a good film in it’s day does not in my view give good representation of mental illness. There have been many others inc: Tom & Viv, Girl Interrupted, Madness of King George, I can’t remember the titles of them all, the one about the Aussie pianist was excellent, and the old classic with the giant rabbit. The TV Documentary mentioned by Janet, hosted by Stephen Fry on Bi Polar was very good featuring some stars who suffer like himself.


  3. gotta be honest i like secretery they did a great job i reckon haven’t seen taking over the asylum but sounds cool and david’s a bit of nice ain’t he? ;p girl interupted was good as well


  4. I really liked the movie, “About a Boy,” starring Hugh Grant and I can’t remember who else.


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