All that I am, all that I ever was…

I am more than my mental health. I am more than my homelessness. I am more than any one aspect of me. I am Addy. And this is…

Random Thoughts at 1:05am


  • How is it possible for a group to write such an addictive sing-able song about the obscure sport of Shinty??? I mean who’d write a catchy ditty about snooker?
  • If you are an aspiring writer and would like to get some inspiration for possible new characters then I suggest you head into your nearest Casino or Pokie venue. DON’T actually play anything as only madness will ensue, just wander around watching. Check out the fondlers, the people who grope the machine’s buttons as if they were a mammary gland. Peer at the strokers, who sexually caress the machine’s screen when free games pop up. Laugh (under your breath) at those who literally spank the machine if it’s naughty enough to propel the wrong numbers up before them. It’s awesome, the whole spectrum of deviant human behaviour lurking under the one roof – all propelled by the unifying dream of an easy fix.
  • Damn, Serena Ryder has a fine voice! And Weak in the Knees gets my vote for best song of the last 22 months.
  • Fun fact for the day – DOMAI is an acronym for Dirty Old Men’s Association International. Who knew?
  • I actually think I would like to hear Serena Ryder write and release a song about snooker. It’s about time we had some sexiness slipped in to that sport – well, aside from Steve Davis that is – he just gives me the tingles.
  • That last one’s pretty unlikely though…
  • …about Serena Ryder releasing a song about snooker, not Steve Davis.
  • Facebook is much groovier than MySpace.
  • Melbourne is a much more beautiful city at night. Though I guess that’s true for a lot of cities.
  • Insomnia, eh?

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts at 1:05am

  1. In 1986 Chas & Dave had a hit reaching No 6 in UK chart with “Snooker Loopy” perhaps Serena Ryder could record a new version of that!


  2. Chas & Dave, eh? Not quite sure they could be filed under “bringing sexy” into the sport but I suppose each to their own.


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